Last week the most important event concerning the ATM and ATC world took place in Geneva: AIRSPACE WORLD. This was the debut edition, the very first time such an event takes place in Switzerland under the organisation of CANSO. Before Airspace World, a similar initiative has been held in Madrid for nine editions, with the name World ATM Congress.

Airspace World ( is the world’s largest international Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM) exhibition, attracting industry market leaders and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) from all around the globe. Product developers, experts and end users gather for three days to share information on the latest products and achievements.

This is the right place where the various stakeholders meet and make things happen. It is a very important event, where SITTI has the opportunity to show its latest developments in these fields and to meet the interest of many customers, both those that are new to us and those who have been knowing us since long.

The participation at this event is the natural prosecution of the continued presence of SITTI at the major exhibitions on ATC/ATM since decades. Following its vocation and commitment to show its Innovative Products to the international audience, SITTI once more demonstrated its capability of always being at the forefront of innovation, technology, capability and expertise for an integrated management of data and voice.

Voice Communication Systems (VCS), ED137 recorders (VRS), VoIP gateways, integrated information solutions, consoles, tower solutions are the main products developed by SITTI to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.


SITTI  provided installation, configuration, setting to work, integration, commissioning and onsite training for a MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication System (VCS) including a number of Controller Working Positions (CWP) with Radio, Telephone and Intercom facilities in Azerbaijan.

This system was  destined for  Zangilan International Airport, thus improving the capability of the local air traffic control authorities to manage the aircrafts flows over the country. The M800IP® VCS provided by SITTI is intended to interface both analogue telephones and VHF/UHF radios, by also allowing controllers to share information and access remote radios according to their needs.

In addition, a Voice Recording System (VRS) will provide legal recording functions for a significant number of VoIP (Voice over IP) streams and analogue channels.

The SITTI’s VCS being supplied to Azerbaijan has been designed to be natively compliant to the EUROCAE ED137 standard requirements. This latter is an internationally consolidated standard that defines the way VoIP shall be used in the ATM/ATC fields. SITTI is proud of having been a true pioneer in the development and deployment of such VoIP systems worldwide.

SITTI is a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, capable of giving prompt and top edge solution answers to Customer needs, both in the Civilian and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the MULTIFONO® M800IP® provides flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities.


Myanmar (former Burma) is a strategic country for aircrafts flying between Europe and the Far East and Australia. The modernization of the local infrastructures already saw SITTI in the forefront with the supply of a MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication System (VCS) to the Air Control Centre (ACC) in Yangon, the capital city (as witnessed here:

About a year later, another VCS has been delivered to the same premises (please read here:, this time for simulation purposes at ACC level. Simulation systems are of fundamental importance to allow controllers to get acquainted with the system they will be using in their daily work. Through them, it is also possible to simulate abnormal conditions that may jeopardize the ordinary Air Traffic Management, thus increasing the situational awareness of the operators.

Through the SAMART Group, a Thai company very active in the region and that already proposed our products for their high reliability, SITTI has been asked to provide a further step in the local air traffic control environment, by supplying another simulation system, this time to the Civil Aviation Training Institute (CATI) under the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) for training both controllers and aviation students.

The VCS that will be installed for simulation purposes belongs to the same MULTIFONO® family and therefore it inherits the same levels of capability and reliability. More specifically, it is a M801IP system equipped with 6 controller working positions (CWP) and a communications dispatching server, also used for configuration purposes.

The combined presence of systems all developed by SITTI, primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, ensures the customer that all his needs are properly addressed through top edge solutions, both in the Civil and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the MULTIFONO® Voice Communication Systems provide flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities.


The evolving customers’ needs and the progress in the development of new features require companies to be ready to provide new solutions capable of answering such needs, especially for civil and military applications, where reliable and secure communications are vital.

Mission- and safety-critical applications (e.g. Airport Towers, Area Control Centres, Military Commands, Operations Rooms) are the target of SITTI offer of products and services, that are now under the umbrella of a comprehensive new market brand that encompasses natively integrated solutions: SYNCRONIS®

This includes all systems and solutions that SITTI can offer to its customers, who can rely on SITTI long-term experience and expertise: VCSs, VoIP Gateways, Recorders, Radios, Networks, Consoles, Clocks, Integrated Information Systems, Design&Project Management, Advanced Logistics, Training.

The resulting turnkey solution covering all aspects of a modern communication network is visually described in the new company video that is being officially released today.

Please enjoy its view from our website or from YouTube at the following link:


SITTI is a reference point in the global market when it comes to integrated systems and solutions for civil and military mission- and safety-critical applications, like Airport Towers, Area Control Centres, Military Commands, Operations Rooms for Fire Brigades, Police, Emergencies and Public Utilities, Vessel Traffic Service, wherever reliable, secure and controlled communication is required.

To even more underline the high integration capability native to SITTI products, SITTI is today officially launching its new brand:

This new brand is encompassing all systems and solutions that SITTI can offer to its customers who can rely on SITTI long-term experience and expertise to cover their challenging and evolving needs, by possibly upgrading and expanding their installations through a large portfolio of products belonging to the same compatible family.

SYNCRONIS® includes Voice Communication Systems, Integrated Information Systems, VoIP Gateways, Recorders, Radios, Networks, Consoles, Clocks, Design&Project Management, Advanced Logistics, Training. This translates in a turnkey solution that covers all aspects of a modern communication network.

SYNCRONIS® is a brand that, from its name already, recalls the unique synchronisation and integration features” – Roberto Weger, Communications and Innovation Manager, says – “that are driving the increasing research and development activities carried out by SITTI.

The message we want to transfer to our customers” – Claudio Tognoni, Area Manager, says – “is that SITTI is a one-stop integrated solution provider, capable of giving exhaustive answers to all their needs in the field of radio and telephone communications.


SITTI is a primary manufacturer of Voice Communication Integrated Solutions, delivering its products worldwide. In order to further better tackle the challenges in the air traffic control market, in their meeting of April 29th, the shareholders decided a re-arrangement of the roles and responsibilities in the leadership and management of SITTI:

  • Patrizia Crovato (see picture) is the new President of SITTI
  • Mario Scovenna takes on the position of General Manager
  • Andrea Sasselli assumes the role of Technical Director
  • Giorgio Donnini is in charge of the Business Development

We wish all of them a fruitful work for the present and future development of the company.


In 2019, after strong competition, AAI (Airport Authority of India) awarded SITTI a major contract for the delivery of a large number of Voice Communication (VCS) and Voice Recording Systems (VRS) to serve the whole Nation.

Following a detailed installation plan, the delivered systems have been put gradually into service, according to the identified AAI needs and requirements. SITTI is glad to be in the position of announcing that another set of systems successfully completed their SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and are ready for entering into real operation at the following cities:

  • Bhavnagar
  • Bhopal
  • Dimapur
  • Hubli
  • Trichy
  • Vadodara
  • Raipur
  • HAL Bangalore

These Voice Communication Systems belong to the top performing MULTIFONO® M800IP® family, fully compliant to the international ED 137 VoIP standard for VoIP applications in the Air Traffic Control field. They are in charge of managing local and remote radio stations, where appropriate gateway devices grant the possibility of taking full advantage of the standard ED 137 performances.

The provision of such a large number of systems and ancillary equipment to the Airport Authority of India comes after other successful projects in the same area, where SITTI products have been found as the best choice for the fulfilment of the challenging requirements set by the management of big air traffic movements. Thanks to the supplied systems and the extraordinary positive reputation gained in many years of presence in India through other large projects, SITTI is proud of supporting AAI to further contribute to the development of the Indian region.

The long-term presence in the market of mission-critical systems for very demanding customers allows SITTI to present its solutions to all organisations where secure, reliable and controlled communications are required through integrated communication solutions, with high efficiency and effectiveness for flight safety.


The air traffic over the Maldives archipelago is already managed through a SITTI system that was installed some years ago. The connectivity from VCS to the radio sites have been recently converted from analogue to MPLS, hence there is a need to connect the radio devices to the existing MULTIFONO® system via a WAN.

The interface to the new radio sites is going to be granted by means of SITTI GVS gateways (Gateway Voice System), that provide the capability of converting analogue signals to standard VoIP messages and protocols, thus allowing any kind of radio equipment to be interfaced over a LAN or WAN. Similar gateways are also available for telephone links.

GVS devices have been conceived to provide the Customers with a powerful and a cost-effective solution to handle legacy analogue connections and convert them to the latest VoIP technology, in accordance with EUROCAE VoIP Recommendations (ED136, ED137, ED138). These products are characterized by very high flexibility, expansibility, modularity, reliability, in line with the overall architectural principles that drive all SITTI VCSs (Voice Communication System).

Remote radios are connected over the WAN via unicast IP links (RTP) that are automatically transformed into an internal multicast IP session, to allow many different controllers to access the same radio while saving bandwidth on the connecting WAN. Thanks to two independent Ethernet connections to the internal LAN and other two connections to the external WAN, GVSs ensure redundancy and non-blocking 24-7-365 functioning.

Once again, even through the provision of VoIP radio gateways to Maldives, SITTI proved its being a complete solution provider, helping the customer to properly deal with all voice interfaces that are made seamlessly available to the controllers, regardless of their being analogue or standard VoIP.

New SITTI-ENAV Integrated Tower Product

At the World ATM Congress 2021 in Madrid, SITTI and ENAV Group are jointly announcing their new product Tower Integrated Information System (TIIS), a co-brand turn-key solution to integrate all systems and applications used in ATC Towers.

Come visit us at booth 562.

TIIS complete configuration is composed by:

  • ATC Console
  • TIIS Management Application
  • Tower Electronic Strip Bay
  • Tower Controller Working Position
  • Workstation for Flight Data Processing
  • Automatic Weather Observation System
  • Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service
  • Aeronautical Dynamic Data Management
  • Aeronautical Message Handling System
  • Voice Communication System
  • Audio/Video Recording and Playback System
  • Local and Remote Alarm Systems
  • Runway Lights
  • Ancillary equipment (Cameras, I/O devices)

Thanks to TIIS Management Application, all or part of the above systems can be supplied and integrated. Furthermore, its scalability and flexibility allow the integration of third-party legacy systems. Tower Integrated Information System is a hardware/ software solution for airports of any size or Remote Towers, which concentrates different data sources into one integrated product that reduces the number of objects on the controller working position desks. The ATC applications can be arranged in configurable desktops and layouts, each dealing with different management aspects, according to the Customer needs.


The tight schedule defined for the supply of VCS systems to the Airport Authority of India (AAI) has not being delayed due to the Covid virus emergency situation. The last two lots found their way to their final destination according to the agreements with the customer. The last boxes of the last lot left SITTI in the first week of September to reach the Indian sub-continent.

This important contract was awarded to SITTI in June 2019, after a very competitive bidding process. It represents a big step towards the modernization of their Air Traffic Control infrastructure all over the country and one of the biggest successes for SITTI.

The large amount of equipment foreseen by the contract proved the capability of SITTI to cope with high volumes of production,” – Marco Scalia, SITTI Program Manager for this project, said – “by at the same time keeping the same quality standards for all of them, according to the strict applicable analysis and process standards applied by the company.

In less than one year, SITTI completed the delivery of all foreseen systems and ancillary equipment. We are here speaking of 48 main VCS system plus 16 fallback ones, 77 remote radio stations, 726 controller working positions, 48 voice recording systems.

The significant investments made by SITTI in improving its internal processes and the optimisation of the production lines put the company in the position of being capable of dealing with large supplies like this, without renouncing to the topmost quality level that make it the reference company worldwide for ATC devices, systems and solutions.” – Roberto Weger added, Communications Manager at SITTI.

All systems supplied to AAI belong to the top performing MULTIFONO® M800IP® family, fully compliant to the international ED 137 VoIP standard for VoIP applications in the ATC field. The extremely easy configuration capability and the flexibility of the functions embedded into the boards and Controller Working Positions make M800IP® the best choice VCS. Top-performing Voice Recorders and VoIP Gateways provide the ancillary functions that complete the offer by SITTI.