The evolving customers’ needs and the progress in the development of new features require companies to be ready to provide new solutions capable of answering such needs, especially for civil and military applications, where reliable and secure communications are vital.

Mission- and safety-critical applications (e.g. Airport Towers, Area Control Centres, Military Commands, Operations Rooms) are the target of SITTI offer of products and services, that are now under the umbrella of a comprehensive new market brand that encompasses natively integrated solutions: SYNCRONIS®

This includes all systems and solutions that SITTI can offer to its customers, who can rely on SITTI long-term experience and expertise: VCSs, VoIP Gateways, Recorders, Radios, Networks, Consoles, Clocks, Integrated Information Systems, Design&Project Management, Advanced Logistics, Training.

The resulting turnkey solution covering all aspects of a modern communication network is visually described in the new company video that is being officially released today.

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SITTI is a reference point in the global market when it comes to integrated systems and solutions for civil and military mission- and safety-critical applications, like Airport Towers, Area Control Centres, Military Commands, Operations Rooms for Fire Brigades, Police, Emergencies and Public Utilities, Vessel Traffic Service, wherever reliable, secure and controlled communication is required.

To even more underline the high integration capability native to SITTI products, SITTI is today officially launching its new brand:

This new brand is encompassing all systems and solutions that SITTI can offer to its customers who can rely on SITTI long-term experience and expertise to cover their challenging and evolving needs, by possibly upgrading and expanding their installations through a large portfolio of products belonging to the same compatible family.

SYNCRONIS® includes Voice Communication Systems, Integrated Information Systems, VoIP Gateways, Recorders, Radios, Networks, Consoles, Clocks, Design&Project Management, Advanced Logistics, Training. This translates in a turnkey solution that covers all aspects of a modern communication network.

SYNCRONIS® is a brand that, from its name already, recalls the unique synchronisation and integration features” – Roberto Weger, Communications and Innovation Manager, says – “that are driving the increasing research and development activities carried out by SITTI.

The message we want to transfer to our customers” – Claudio Tognoni, Area Manager, says – “is that SITTI is a one-stop integrated solution provider, capable of giving exhaustive answers to all their needs in the field of radio and telephone communications.

SITTI at WATC 2022

World ATM Congress is the world’s largest international Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM) exhibition, taking place in Madrid from June 21 to 23. This unique venue is attracting industry market leaders and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) from all around the globe. Product developers, experts and end users gather for three days to share the latest products and achievements.

SITTI has been present at this important event since its very first edition. This is in fact the right place where Air Traffic Control stakeholders meet and make things happen. It is a very important event, where SITTI has the opportunity to show its latest developments in this field and to meet the interest of many customers, both those that are new to us and those who have been knowing us since long.

Following its vocation and commitment to present its Innovative Products to the international audience, SITTI will be participating in the 2022 edition of the World ATM Congress (WATC) exhibition. New ideas and product concepts will be shown, with special and particular attention to Integrated Solutions, combining data and voice.

Voice Communication Systems (VCS), VoIP gateways, recorders, integrated information solutions, consoles are the main products developed by SITTI to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

Come and visit us at booth 562.


SITTI is a primary manufacturer of Voice Communication Integrated Solutions, delivering its products worldwide. In order to further better tackle the challenges in the air traffic control market, in their meeting of April 29th, the shareholders decided a re-arrangement of the roles and responsibilities in the leadership and management of SITTI:

  • Patrizia Crovato (see picture) is the new President of SITTI
  • Mario Scovenna takes on the position of General Manager
  • Andrea Sasselli assumes the role of Technical Director
  • Giorgio Donnini is in charge of the Business Development

We wish all of them a fruitful work for the present and future development of the company.


The Italian Air Force (AM – Aeronautica Militare) is aiming at creating a national network for connecting all Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems deployed at their various air bases. This will permit the use of SIP/VOIP services from the MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication Systems (VCS) provided by SITTI.

M800IP® is a server based VCS that natively deals with voice and data streams utilizing the VOIP technology in perfect compliance with the aeronautical standard applicable in air traffic management and control, with special emphasis on EUROCAE ED-137. The move from the current systems to a large-scale server based solution makes it possible to geographically distribute the provided services according to any logistic and strategic plans.

The creation of a network of voice communication systems nationwide will be accompanied by the implementation and testing of new features that will allow military controllers to make communications easier between them with different priorities according to the urgency of the message to be transferred: standard calls, direct calls, scramble calls. An instant messaging feature is included, which gives operators the capability of sending and receiving text messages.

This delicate operation is following the strict requirements set by AM, which has been asking for a very highly reliable hardware and software infrastructure. The proactive capability of SITTI to fulfil the challenging requirements of this project leverages on the expertise and experience acquired by the company as system integrator for complete and complex solutions in all fields where reliable, secure, configurable data and voice communications are required.


When thinking of SITTI, the majority of us would associate it to the air traffic control area of interest. Indeed, this is the market where SITTI has been particularly active, but its products can cope with many other fields of applications, wherever controlled, secure and reliable communications are required.

The Belgian Ministry of Defence has recently awarded SITTI the supply of a Maritime Voice Communication System (M-VCS) for the replacement and modernisation of their current system. The new system encompasses both fixed and mobile Controller Working Positions, thus allowing operators quickly moving to the location where their service is required, at the same time keeping contact with their colleagues.

The Maritime M-VCS belongs to the SITTI’s M800IP® MULTIFONO® family, fully compliant with the current international standards issued by the competent bodies. In order to properly manage analogue radios and telephone links, two server based radio/telephone VOIP gateways allow seamless connectivity. These are fully redundant: in the event of failure of one server, the other one takes over automatically and transparently, also recovering the active sessions prior to the failure. This ensures continuity of service even in case of hardware or link failure.

The maritime system being provided to the Ministry of Defence also includes a VRS800S Voice Recording System and its replay workstations; the recording/replay system (also server-based) can be easily expanded to cope with many hundreds of channels to be recorded. At least 90 days of continuous recording is guaranteed. Synchronous replay of all recorded sources can be accomplished without affecting the concurrent recording process.

This Maritime VCS (that will be delivered to the Belgian Ministry of Defence from 2022) furthermore testifies the great flexibility of SITTI systems that can be used in all those fields of application where radios, telephones and intercom connectivity is to be provided in an extremely reliable way for mission-critical uses, like air traffic control, harbours management and emergency services.


ENAV, the Italian Air Navigation Service Provider, decided to upgrade the services provided by the weather forecast offices and their related data repository. The target is to provide operators with a more efficient access procedure, thus giving them a better and more precise weather situation awareness.

The coordination of the upgrade activities has been awarded to SITTI, based on the well-grounded reputation as system integrator in different areas related to air traffic control and management. The integration of different information sources and data streams into a comprehensive system capable of presenting information in a coordinated manner to operators and controllers is in fact one of the strength point of SITTI.

This delicate operation has been accomplished according to the strict requirements set by ENAV, which has been asking for a very highly reliable hardware and software infrastructure, also comprising the centralized presentation of weather information collected at all remote Italian airports in real-time mode. The system includes a new teleconference architecture making use of a videowall system.

Among the many features made available by the provided integrated system, the following ones are especially significant to be mentioned:

  • Weather information stored for long periods (at least 6 months).
  • Forecast, satellite, radar, lightning data decoded and properly visualized
  • Creating and sending of appropriate messages (like METAR,TAF,TAD) to spread information to all stakeholders
  • VCS (Voice Communication System) upgrade for coping with the new connections and systems, including new ISDN Basic Rate connections

The challenging requirements driving this project have been fulfilled by SITTI with complete customer satisfaction, thus once more proving the capability of SITTI to present itself as a system integrator for complete and complex solutions in all fields where reliable, secure, configurable data and voice communications are required.


Pratica di Mare is an important military airfield close to Rome. This military air base hosts several services and functions used by the Italian Air Force (AM-Aeronautica Militare), and for this reason it accommodates a number of communication systems devoted to the interface to other remote military sites and remote radio stations.

The Pratica di Mare air force base is currently undergoing a renewal project with the aim at the modernisation of its infrastructure, especially for what concerns the management of the voice for air traffic control and coordination activities. The objective is to integrate all features and services into a single VCS (Voice Communication System) that guarantees proper response to present and future operational needs for air/ground and ground/ ground communications.

Leveraging on the long lasting and successful relationship with Aeronautica Militare, SITTI is giving its proactive contribution to this project that involves all services based in Pratica di Mare, from area air traffic control to the local airfield tower.

More specifically, SITTI will be providing the air base with server-based VCS solutions, belonging to the MULTIFONO® M800IP® family. This family of products is already installed at other air force bases and has proven its outstanding reliability and high performance characteristics. The positive return from other installations paved the way to the new supply. The new system provides the Customer with the same features and extremely high availability figures as the other similar systems deployed in Italy.

The system being installed at Pratica di Mare is based on a quad-based server installation, where all message handling, computation, signalling and voice switching are carried out by duplicated COTS servers dealing with radio and telephone connections. This innovative approach to integration of services permits having a system that can seamlessly switch from main to standby machines without affecting ongoing communications, while at the same time complying with all standard ED-137 VoIP (Voice over IP) requirements.

A further integration step is represented by MFT800 multi-functional terminals, which are being used by controllers to quickly acquire the information they require for getting situational awareness and promptly access the communication and service options made available to them.


NATINAMDS (NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System) is a complex defence network encompassing all countries being part the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). It aims to ensure security and stability of the whole alliance airspace by controlling the air domain and coordinating related activities.

The system includes all measures aimed at defending the territories of the countries adhering to the treaty against any air and missile threat and also at nullifying or at least reducing the effectiveness of any hostile air action, through the cooperation of sensors, command and control facilities and weapons systems. In this respect, it acts as a powerful deterrent against any aggression.

Italy is part of NATO and therefore plays its role in NATINAMDS too. The Italian Air Force (AM – Aeronautica Militare) contributes to this defence system by means of their military bases in the peninsula to detect, track, classify, identify and monitor airborne objects, and – if necessary – to intercept them using surface-based or airborne weapons systems.

Within this defence system, highly classified information is exchanged between military air traffic controllers. SITTI participates in the effort of keeping all the components in place as efficient and up-to-date as possible. Among the most recent major activities SITTI has been involved into, the following are especially worth being mentioned:

  • strengthening of the UHF air/ground communications
  • supply of classified so-called “RED” communication components

The supply is subdivided into a number of lots, some of which already passed the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) phase and are going to be installed at the very beginning of next year.

SITTI to continue maintenance for EUROCONTROL MUAC

The voice communication systems maintenance contract between SITTI and EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) has been renewed for another 4 years. As demonstrated in the past years, SITTI is committed to provide EUROCONTROL with the best service possible, putting at disposal the best competent workforce.

Back in 2006, SITTI has provided MUAC with a Voice Communication System (VCS) that is currently used as a backup system. This system provides telephone and intercom links, and it connects local radios and remote ones, located at Eelde (in the Netherlands) and Bremen (Germany). Because of the large and important area it covers, MUAC implemented a strict maintenance program to ensure that the systems being used are always efficient and effective.

SITTI has therefore been involved in this maintenance program since the very beginning, with the following features:

  • Help desk service, through which the customer can have direct access to SITTI development departments and receive hints and suggestions for the better use of the installed systems.
  • 24/7 support service for addressing possibly blocking malfunctions, so as to get immediate indications on what to do to solve the problem and possibly request on site intervention.
  • Module repair service for the prompt substitution and repair of faulty boards, with blocked prices and predetermined delivery times.
  • Software update service, which includes the update of the software installed on the system components.
  • Spare parts replacement and supply service, to ensure the customer always has the right and compatible elements for their possible substitution, without system degradation.

MUAC is the facility from which EUROCONTROL is providing air traffic control services to all flights entering the upper airspace (from 24500 to 66000 feet) over Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and north-west Germany. This is one of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspace areas.