SITTI is a world primary system supplier and integrator of Operational and Technical solutions for public and private clients in the fields of Civil and Military Aviation communications and strategic services including ANSPs, Air Defence, Control and Command Centres, Fire Brigades, Search & Rescue, Railways, Police, as well as commercial organisations requiring secure, reliable and controlled communications.

The company offers a large integrated product portfolio including Integrated Voice Communication Switching systems (VCS), ergonomic Operational Workstations for Tower and Radar environments, advanced Recording and Communication Solutions, as well as ancillary equipment and services, such as Time Reference and Clock Display systems and VoIP Gateways.

Full membership in international standardisation workgroups, attention to the evolving Customer needs, commitment to the development and implementation of the most advanced technological and operational capabilities, extensive integration features, are the strength points of SITTI. Integration of operational functions at all levels is the driving factor in the development and continuous improvement of the services offered to our users.

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