PCF Consoles

The PCF consoles are thought to accommodate radar screens, LCD flat monitors and other ATC standard equipment. Shipment volumes are reduced thanks to the modular building design that allows to separate parts of the console to better suite installation constraints. A special attention has been put in allowing easy access to equipment elements that may be integrated in the console itself.

The following outfit is available for these consoles: rear door for easy access to integrated equipment, internal lighting and cooling, sliding panels for connectors, footboard, 19 inches rack inside, distribution box.

High and low profiles are available.

Console Type PCF/150


Console Type PCF/300


The flexibility of our product allows us to tailor the console configuration on the Customer request. To comply the Croatian project requirement the ALL offered consoles can be equipped with following facilities:

  • rear access doors are available to permit an easy access for Maintenance personnel;
  • front access panels are available to permit easy access to Maintenance personnel;
  • internal 19”racks are available for each Console Type to allow PC and workstations installation;
  • each module can be equipped with an internal cable tray set;
  • each module can be equipped with its own distribution box;
  • sliding panels for operator/instructor/telephone connectors;
  • PC keyboard box with passing cable holes;
  • footboard with possibility to house the foot switch PTT;
  • console  is equipped with a proper set of integration panels for operative devices installation;
  • working desk is made of Solid Surface material (or alternatively it can be provided of wood with ard black rubber as edge of the working desk);
  • the console design is based on the use of off-the-shelf products.

The radar monitor can be integrated in the suite. At this purpose dedicated support can be provided to give the operational staff to adjust the angle avoiding reflections. The radar can be mounted on VESA arm which will allow tilting of display in all directions. This solution is designed to install the heavy radar monitor and to permit its easy removal. The radar monitor can be removed blocked on a special trolley (height adjustable) to facilitate the maintenance personnel in the transferring of the equipment to be repaired from the consoles to the maintenance room.

Other LCD monitors can be installed in the suite too. At this purpose an appropriate arm is provided to install the monitor to allow tilting of display in all directions to adjust the angle avoiding reflections. This will also permit its easy removal from the rear side and transportation.

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