The many decades of successful presence in the market of Voice Communication Systems confirms SITTI as one of the world primary system suppliers for civil, military, public and private agencies for both Air Traffic Control and strategic emergency services.

The long experience accumulated in this field puts SITTI into the enviable position of being able to design and manufacture different models of consoles that are customised for specific uses, ranging from Control Towers to large Air Traffic Control centres, as well as emergency management Operative Rooms.

The growth of air traffic over recent years has dramatically increased the workload on controllers that must be put in the best condition to properly cope with their tasks in the most comfortable way possible. In this perspective, an optimised synergy must be sought among high-level ergonomics, efficient and effective access to technology, environmental conditions.

The daily use of consoles shall also put together:

  • flexibility for incorporating controller’s needs
  • integration for space optimisation
  • friendliness for handy access to communication equipment
  • ergonomy for daily continuous use
  • health prevention for avoiding the user to be prone to diseases

The User At The Core

The user is the core of SITTI interest when it comes to consoles. The leading position of SITTI in technology would be vanished if the user would not receive the importance it has. Top performance technology without a comfor­table way of accessing it would otherwise make it unusable. The utmost importance of user friendly accessibility to communication devices is testified by the different kinds of consoles that have been designed and customised for specific user needs. Special attention is put on providing operators with the best choice in terms of used materials and adjustable seats, not forgetting optimal lighting and appropriate positioning of communication elements (keyboards, earphones, etc).

Flexible hardware and software design approach, modular components, specific hardware and software solu­tions, all contribute to the common goal of providing Customers with the most advanced yet friendly consoles.

This will result in a higher efficiency of the operators who will get the best from the touch and feel approach of the console design. Tailoring to meet individual needs of each operator is also a must for SITTI.

SITTI Solutions

The vast production of SITTI in this field has brought to the definition of three main console series, especially designed for Operational Rooms, including Air Traffic Control (ATC) centres. The proposed series are named HL, PK, PCF.

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