A complete tool for your measurements

AVE-TSE-2752, fully digital, is a versatile measuring instrument designed to test and simulate connection lines and equipment used for voice communication in air traffic management.
The device includes a test signal generator (analog and digital) and is able to interface with all the lines and connections that a VCS normally handles: 2w and 4W analogue lines, E1 digital lines and Ethernet-type LAN lines.
Thanks to AVE-TSE-2752, you can make mea-surements to analogue/digital telephone systems (BL, FXS, FXO, etc.), remote analog or IP radios and VoIP telephones.
In addition, it offers the possibility to test signals to a standard operating position (headphone, micro-phone, PTT) and allows to easily set the impedance values both input and output to adapt the physical connection to the type of impedance of the unit under consideration.

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