Digital Clock Systems

ATM services require a very precise clock reference in order to synchronize their activities. The need of having a common date and time reference is also a requirement for all emergency servi­ces, both civil and military.

SITTI propose the DEC10 Digital Electronic Clock System to pro­vide global synchronisation. Thanks to its extremely high reliability, precision and con­figuration flexibility, DEC10 is the solution for all air traffic control systems, ranging from small towers to large ACC centres.

Many installation options are available, among which the possibility of inserting DEC10 modules into existing SITTI service drawers, or the use of an independent 1 unit high drawer that fits two modules acting in main/standby mode. This al­lows the Customer to easily add DEC10 devices to existing installations in stand-alone or re­dundant configuration.


DEC10 modules can be easily fitted into ATM (Air Traffic Management) sy­stems, even if manufactured by third parties. All settings can be done via a dedicated serial line on the front panel or through a web browser via LAN.

SITTI offer for time synchronisation is enriched by Display Slave Units (DSU) that are used to show the cur­rent date/time. Many different op­tions and sizes are available, ranging from displays typically used in ACC centres to ordinary analogue ones, from wall mounted to desk/console ones.


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