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SITTI is a private company meeting the challenges in the study and development of world leading Operational and Technical solutions for integrated Voice Communication Systems (VCS) (and their ancillary equipment and services). SITTI is a world primary system supplier for Civil and Military, Public and Private Agencies and Organisations for Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Strategic Services (SES).


Established in 1946, SITTI company holds extensive experience and expertise in integrated radio and telephone communications covering analogue, digital and IP-based technologies. This makes SITTI a primary reference point, widely confirmed by its successful presence and growth in the evolving market of Voice Communication Systems (VCS). The evolving technologies over the past more than 70 years have always seen SITTI at the top edge, providing customers with high quality, extremely reliable, most advanced ATC Communication Systems.

SITTI is a joint stock company, 100% owned by its management, thus ensuring a high level of committment in the development and enhancement of its products. More than 100 people work together to achieve the highest operational and technical objectives. This is also confirmed by today’s SITTI presence in most countries in the world with a large base of installed VCS and ancillary equipment and services. The high level of scalability, modularity, reliability and robustness at the core of SITTI systems and large product integration capabilities allow SITTI to meet the operational, technical and support requirements for all Air Traffic Control needs, ranging from small Air Field Towers to very large ACC centres.


When customers choose SITTI, they choose much more than a top level series of products: they choose a forefront technological partner, with clear awareness that the success of the customer is the key to SITTI’s own success. In constantly supporting its customers, SITTI relies on its huge experience and expertise achieved through a very large base of installed systems worldwide, in order to guarantee the customer reliable time-plans, efficient use of resources, full compatibility to international standards and specific customer needs.

As a market leader, SITTI is present in most countries in the world (CLICK HERE for further details). Installed systems can range from small airfiled towers to very large ACC National centres, often with automatic contingency architecture and connected to other similar ATC centres in the same or neighbouring countries. Ancillary products, such as ergonomic Operational Consoles, Protocol Gateways, GPS Time Reference systems, etc, complete the offer to provide a complete answer to Customers needs, thus making SITTI a “one stop” solution provider.


SITTI headquarters are close to Milan (Italy), with branch offices around the globe. Further details can be found here:


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