PK Consoles

The PK series is represented by consoles that are designed to support flat screen monitors and standard 19 inches equipment. Ordinary non-flat monitors can also be accommodated (up to 24 inches).

The specificity in the design of these consoles is that they can be easily and completely dismounted and remounted, thus avoiding possible problems during installation in tower control rooms which are often accessible by narrow stairs/doors. Consoles in the PK series can be provided by an optional mechanical arm that allows to rotate flat monitors in any direction.

Controller Working Position keyboards are mounted on platforms that can be tilted to adjust their inclination according the lighting conditions and the controller position: slight adjustments often result in a much better information readability even in bad lighting conditions, such as sun or artificial light reflection.

Each console is based on a structure composed of anodized aluminium (AIM9Si 0 5 F25) shapes connected by aluminium and zinc die-cast angular joints.
Covering parts, made by pressed closed cell expanded polyurethane (Baydur® system 60; self-extinguishing UL 94; not pollutant), are mounted on this structure. Covering parts are painted in lacquered finish.

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Console Type PK/312


Console Type PK/317


Console Type PK/345


The modularity of the PK series consoles allows to obtain many different configurations. The pictures in this page show one of the available configurations among the very many possibilities offered by this extremely versitile console series.
Each Operative Console is composed of two parts:

  • Base part
  • Upper modular part

The base part foresees:

  • The space for housing the necessary standard 19” rack mounted hardware
  • One mains distribution board 3Ux19” with four sockets 10A-16A for services with thermo-magnetic switch and the relevant box
  • 3Ux19” panel with 220V 12-24V 63 VA transformer
  • Arrangement for the horizontal and vertical canalization of cables
  • Two movable panels (one on the front, the other on the rear side) with ventilation grid to allow easy maintenance
  • Anti-slip rubber covered foot-restboard including the arrangement for the foot PTT device accommodation
  • Two removable side plates (left and right) allowing the cables crossing between adjacent consoles
  • Four adjustable feet to compensate floor irregularities
  • The writing plane laminate including the housing (left and right side) for headset/handset insertion panels
  • The writing plane laminate including the housing (left and right side) for headset/handset insertion panels

The upper modular part will be configured according to Customer operative requirements.