MULTIFONO® Voice Communication Systems



With more than 75 years experience in integrated management systems for radio and telephone communications, SITTI is a world primary system suppliers for Air Traffic Control civil and military agencies and strategic services.

Confirming the company’s solid leadership, constant monitoring of the recommendations of the international research and standards bodies, and commitment to technical and operating capabilities responding to user needs, MULTIFONO® is a fully digital Voice Communication Switching System (VCSS) products family, characterized by highly modularity to interface any type of radio device and telephone line, for optimised communications in all service environments.

Fully fault-tolerant architecture, superior scalability and configurability, together with simple maintenance are the strength points of the MULTIFONO® products. They are the most efficient and technologically advanced solution to the technical, functional and reliability challenging needs of communication management systems in strategic civil and military service operating environments.

Modularity and Sizing

Configuration flexibility is one of the key characteristics of the MULTIFONO® products. Implemented on a size-independent architecture, the system can be configured for installation in small Control Rooms as well as large Control Centres with hundreds of Operator Workstations and Radio/Telephone links. The resulting flexibility allows SITTI customers to upsize their MULTIFONO® installation during the system life cycle, without heavy initial costs to support future upgrades.

Open Architecture

MULTIFONO® system configurations can be extended at any time with new links or services and/or additional Operator Workstations by simply seamlessly adding new interface cards, without loss of efficiency and outages for all elements not involved in the upgrade.

Distributed and Duplicated Logic

MULTIFONO® systems are controlled by independent microcomputer operating units, running dedicated firmware/software. This provides an absolute guarantee against the possibility of a single point of failure jeopardising overall system operations.

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