M800IP® MULTIFONO® radio and telephone Voice Communication System (VCS) represents SITTI top level Voice Over IP (VoIP) platform. It fully meets Air Traffic Control requirements by integrating IP Network technological achievements coupled with user-friendliness at all Operator and Maintenance levels.

SITTI boasts a long term presence in several international standardisation Working Groups. Thanks to SITTI strict collaboration and proactive contribution to such teams, M800IP® adheres to ICAO, EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE worldwide Recommendations and Standards, with all the required flexibility to fulfil any user requirements and to support any operational role. In particular, M800IP® is fully ED137 compliant, as testified by several successful interoperability tests attended by the company and by the large number of systems already inservice around the globe.

VoIP, digital, analogue and other legacy non-IP interfaces are natively integrated, thus providing the end user with an all-in-one communication solution, seamlessly capable of dealing with many different interfaces and protocols.

SITTI designed different deliverable solutions to fulfil the needs of any Customers in the most suitable way. MULTIFONO® M800IP® can be provided with two architecture configurations that both permit to manage the same types of Radio and Telephone connections:
◊ M800IP® ServerBased on COTS Multiple-Servers Architecture
◊ M800IP® Distributed Cards – Utilizing Multi-Redundant Blades

The MULTIFONO® M800IP® Server solution is implemented with software applications running on COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) hardware provided by SITTI or acquired directly by the Customer under SITTI recommendations. It integrates the most advanced IP features and technological solutions, allowing the same deployment concepts, permitting geographical distribution of the Operative Positions (CWPs) and of the VCS resources, guaranteeing the most enhanced Safety and Security level.

The same features and performance offered by the M800IP® Server architecture can be obtained by means of the M800IP® Distributed Cards architecture. This latter is characterized by the use of distributed intelligent blades housed in racks and sub-racks. The use of distributed cards gives the Customer the same features obtainable by means of the Server architecture, allowing operators to access all communication assets from their Controller Working Positions (CWP), regardless of the protocols and interfaces used for reaching radio and telephone links and lines of any kind.

Data and audio communications inside the system are fully VoIP-based. Its Open Architecture has been designed focusing on the highest level of modularity, scalability and process distribution, to grant a unparalleled Reliability Ratio of 99.9999%.

Duplicated, Parallel Operating, Star Architecture and Geographically distributed subunits, equipment, devices and core elements, ensure continuous functionality and no single-point-of-failure for complete Fault Tolerant operations.

These features, coupled with a powerful Management and Supervision software platform, all concur to make SITTI M800IP MULTIFONO® VCS the best choice for strategic Civil and Military Communication applications.


SITTI has put large effort in developing a wide range of interfaces (GVS gateways) towards legacy Radio equipment and Telephone connections, thus guaranteeing their correct performance and perfect integration into the new M800IP® internal architecture.

Reliable and user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices provide Controllers with all operational information for a safe and efficient management of the service they are responsible for.

SITTI is also manufacturing legal voice recorders (VRS800S) and ergonomic consoles for optimized and customisable access to the offered technology, in line with environmental conditions.

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