VOIP Gateways

The extremely flexible architecture of SITTI M800IP® MULTIFO­NO® Voice Communication System (VCS) opens a wide range of applications in the field of the communications for ATM (Air Traffic Management). Among these, the possibility of multiple connec­tions to remote devices based on EUROCAE ED137 VOIP (Voice Over IP) standards is particularly interesting for many reasons. In fact, when radios are installed at a remote site, it is of utmost impor­tance to allow access to them from different VCS systems (resource sharing).

Standard-compliant remote VOIP radios can be directly interfaced to M800IP®, but remote radios may be old fashioned or from different vendors, and they may not have any IP interface. The solution is SITTI GVS.

Remote radios of any kind can be connected to a standard IP network by means of SITTI GVS gateways that take care of all required settings and possible legacy protocols towards the radio themselves and convert data and audio signals into EUROCAE ED137 standard VOIP.





Thanks to the modular way GVS devices have been thought of, their usage may range from very small radio sites to large radio installation sites with tens of co-located radios through a number of possible interfaces (4 wires standard E&M analogue, E1, Nx64, QSIG digital). Connection to the IP WAN network is duplicated for reliability reasons.

GVS devices include facilities to au­tomatically look for another radio with the same characteristics in case of failure of the one being used; Best Signal Selection (BSS) and audio compression are standard fe­atures provided by GVS devices.

As a standard option, GVS devices come along with the built-in capa­bility of integrating other interface boards for connection of co-located equipment of any type (radio and te­lephone) to digital networks of diffe­rent kinds (like E1, ISDN, QSIG, etc) without decreasing performance.

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