Advanced Military Comms

Advanced Military Communications Features

SITTI has been acquiring large and deep experience in the military field at international level. Military applications require specific communication features that are vital for the achievement of the mission targets. These require special developments and deep knowledge of the military environment and its stringent requirements.

The very long presence in the military field allows SITTI to be able to offer extremely precise and target-oriented solutions, specifically developed to cope with the needs of mission critical tactical and strategic operations. Technologically advanced, highly reliable and secure communications are in fact vital for the success of delicate operations, including peace keeping and air surveillance.

The downloadable document available by clicking on the DOWNLOAD PDF button on your right hand side provides additional information on

  • Redundancy and installation diversity
  • Mobile towers and Field Deployable Systems
  • Radio Management (HF, VHF, UHF)
    • Radio Coverage Areas
    • Guard Frequencies
    • Frequency Monitoring
  • Security
    • RED/BLACK Communications (Crypto)
    • ECCM
    • Secure File Transfer
    • Users Management
  • Nationwide Network Management
  • Simulation and training

For further information, click on the DOWNLOAD PDF button on your right hand side.