Remote Tower Applications

Remote Tower Service (RTS) is the provision of Air Traffic Control (ATC) from a location other than the local aerodrome tower, to oversee both air and ground movements, whilst maintaining a level of operational safety and awareness, which is equivalent to a manned solution from the aerodrome tower itself.

Situational awareness to controllers and service operators is provided by a series of environmental sensors, optical and digital cameras, microphones and lighting beams. This allows capturing all relevant aerodrome information (movements, sounds, meteorological data, operational information, etc.) and streaming them in real time to a remote location, where it is presented on suitable screens and displays. Enhanced and augmented views are possible, e.g. by use of infrared and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras.

The concentration of remote tower services at a remote location implies the need to make all aerodrome local services remotely available for use by a remote operator. Among these, radio and telephone communications are of fundamental importance for the correct and effective interaction with pilots and other operators or ground service providers.

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