Field Deployable VCS



MULTIFONO® M602S and M802IP Voice Communication Switching Systems (VCSS) represent SITTI state-of-the-art Mobile Platforms. They meet the requirements of Ground-Air-Ground radio communications between Air Traffic Controllers and Aircrafts, as well as Ground-to-Ground Intercom and Telephone communications between ATC Controllers and external ATS units. They are designed for both civil and military use.



MULTIFONO® M602S is SITTI top level PCM platform. It takes advantage of the large experience gained by SITTI in the field of Air Traffic Control VCSS since 1946. It reflects the changing requirements in order to meet the ever increasing traffic demands as well as streamlined and efficient communications management in ATC.


MULTIFONO® M802IP is SITTI top level Voice over IP (VoIP) platform, fully inte­grating latest technological achievements with user-friendliness needs at Operator and Main­tenance levels. M802IP is fully ED137 compliant, as testified by the many interoperability events which SITTI has been successfully participating in, both in Europe and in the USA at FAA.




M602S and M802IP both meet ICAO, EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE Recommendations and Standards, with all the required flexibility to satisfy any Customer’s requirement and to support any operational role.

Due to an intrinsic philosophy, based on providing the highest level of system modularity and scalability, SITTI VCSS can be provided with different dimensions and operational configurations, tailored to the customer requirements. The guiding development concept is to provide open-architecture systems, that allows to upgrade them, whenever needed, without any configuration disruption and without interruption of service.

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