Recording Solutions

Air Traffic Control applications have some of the world’s strictest legal requirements and regulations especially when it comes to recording, because recorded information has direct impact on incident analysis, both for liability attribution and in search for mitigation procedures.

VRS800S recorder solution is based on the large competence and expertise acquired by SITTI in the field of recording systems, not just limited to voice, but also including screen and radar data, providing customers with an unrivalled combination of deep ATC requirements knowledge and flexible and reliable recording software applications, running on COTS hardware.

Standard compliance (e.g. ED137, CAP670, ED111), security (including data encryption and user access logging), redundancy (to avoid any single point of failure), reliability (24/7/365 use, 99.9999% uptime in redundant configuration), time synchronisation (of an unlimited number of recorded sources), advanced playback features (search and play options) are the main features that make VRS800 an outstanding recording and replay system.

This is the perfect choice for BOTH DATA AND VOICE recording needs, fully integrated with SITTI’s MULTIFONO® Voice Communication System.