SITTI is honoured of announcing that the systems recently supplied to Vietnam have now become operative. With the important support of VATM (Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation), SITTI delivered a brand-new IP-based VCS (Voice Communication System) to SORATS (Southern Region Air Traffic Services Company).

This is the first time SITTI supplies such a large system to Vietnam. The new system, belonging to the MULTIFONO® renowned family of VCSs, has been installed at the ACC (Area Control Centre) in Ho Chi Minh, in the Southern part of the country. SITTI has been responsible for the supply, installation, configuration, setting to work, integration and commissioning of the Voice Communication System and its associated equipment, tools and services, with the fundamental support and help of the local company VATM.

The M800IP® system supplied includes 36 Controller Working Positions (CWPs) with full radio, telephone and intercom facilities to access a large number of analogue radio and telephone channels and lines. This system is natively ready to be expanded to also include VoIP (Voice over IP) links, by simply changing the system configuration through the Technical and Monitoring Control system (called MMS) being also part of the delivery.

The number of controllers utilizing the VCS can be seamlessly expanded at any time in the future; similarly, radio and telephone connections of any kind can be added without causing any system disruption. Main/Standby automatic switching modules and radio Best Signal Selection (BSS) boards complete the system, thus giving ATCOs (air traffic controller operators) the best-in-class facilities to properly and effectively manage the air traffic directed to or departing from Vietnam, or flying over it.

This is the first time we supply such a large system to Vietnam. This makes us proud because of the recognition of the high quality standards of our products, once again testified by achievements like this.” – Mr. Panzeri, SITTI Program Manager said – “We are sure the end customer (SORATS) will benefit of the top-level reliability and expandability of the supplied system.


AIRSPACE WORLD is the world’s largest international exhibition dedicated to Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM); it will take place in Geneva (Switzerland) from March 19 to 21. This unique venue is attracting industry market leaders and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) from all around the globe. Product developers, experts and end users will be gathering for three days to share the latest products and achievements.

AIRSPACE WORLD ( is at its second edition, organized by CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation), the organisation representing ANSPs from all over the world. SITTI has always been present at all these important events, being at the forefront in the development of technologically advanced solutions.

The participation in this event is the natural prosecution of the continued presence of SITTI at the major exhibitions on ATC/ATM since decades. This exhibition is in fact the right place where Air Traffic Control stakeholders meet and make things happen. SITTI has therefore the opportunity of showing its latest products and innovative approaches with highly integrated solutions. It is also the right occasion to meet the interest of many customers, both those that are new to us and those who have been knowing us since long.

Following its vocation and commitment to present its Innovative Products to the international audience, SITTI will be participating be presenting new ideas and product concepts, with special attention to integration of different technologies, with high capability and expertise in the management of data and voice.

Voice Communication Systems (VCS), ED137 recorders (VRS), VoIP gateways, integrated information solutions, consoles, tower solutions are the main products developed by SITTI to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

Come and visit us at booth J45.


The Italian Air Force (AM – Aeronautica Militare) is more and more progressing in the achievement of their target aiming at centralizing the management of the Voice Communication Systems (VCS) used for the control of the national airspace. This project wants to make it possible to have remote secure access to all facilities from a central location, thus reducing the time needed for acquiring the status of possible malfunctions and the relevant corrective actions.

SITTI is a very long-term supplier to the Air Force and very well knows the network connecting the defence sites and the information they can share with other air traffic control installations. SITTI is therefore in the optimal condition for answering the request coming from the Customer to develop an executive plan for the identification of the services and functions to be made available at each site and the way they can be made accessible.

The Air Force Command requested SITTI to study a possible remote management infrastructure and define the relevant implementation phases, from the definition of the areas of interest up to the identification of the hardware and software modules and components that are required to gradually introduce remote management capabilities with nationwide extension.

The overall plan is divided into 3 major step:

  • Remote Surveillance (T1): centralisation of the alarm and status messages related to the working condition of remote components, with the aim of identifying possible problems and coordinate corrective actions.
  • Remote Diagnostics (T2): capability of executing remote access and diagnosis, by means of dedicated applications, e.g. monitoring the status of all connections of any kind and the real use of operative frequencies.
  • Remote Control (T3): possibility of issuing execution commands to remote facilities and sending reconfiguration patterns to cope with new operational needs, thus dramatically reducing the intervention time, crucial aspect especially in the military field.

The executive plan developed by SITTI has been submitted to the Italian Air Force in all its aspects and got full approval, thus allowing its implementation. Meanwhile, the pilot project has been tested, validated and approved. The new remote management features allow AM to quickly react to all ordinary and extraordinary situations that may occur while controlling the Italian national airspace.


Continuing its constant presence at this event, once again SITTI participated in the Saudi Arabia Exposition (SAE) together with its local representative, Communication Experts. Middle East is an important commercial area that has seen a large number of contracts being awarded to SITTI in the past decades, for both civil and military applications.

In two days, December 19 and 20, 2023, SITTI had the opportunity to consolidate its presence and make representatives of all Middle-East countries visiting the show aware of the technologically advanced products that SITTI can offer for a safer air traffic control and higher situational awareness of controllers, both in airfield towers and ACCs (Area Control Centres).

Leveraging on the successful results and positive feedbacks from its customers worldwide and local ones in particular, SITTI can proudly propose its systems accompanied by its vast experience and expertise in all application areas where radio and telephone communications have to be provided in a reliable, secure, integrated way.

SAE is Middle East’s largest aviation development event, where the leading position of SITTI as manufacturer of VCS systems (Voice Communication Systems) and ancillary devices and services (like recorders, gateways, console, clocks, training) was highly appreciated by visitors from many countries in the region. The innovative and integrated solutions proposed by SITTI allow large and better collaboration and cooperation among the various stakeholders involved in Air Traffic Control (ATC).

SITTI is a full member of ATI (Air Tech Italy), the Italian association of companies specialized in the supply of innovative products, technology and services for airport applications. The association is also exposing at SAE. This makes the Italian presence and offer even more attractive to local customers and neighbouring countries, having the possibility of complementing SITTI proposals with products developed by companies of excellence.


Hosted by the Guglielmo Marconi airport in Bologna, on November 30, AIR TECH ITALY had its annual assembly. Air Tech Italy (A.T.I.) is the association representing Italian companies specialized in supplying products, technologies and services to airports. The assembly allowed all participating companies to express their opinions and appreciation for the work done in the past three years and give their hints for the future.

The association was founded three years ago during the Covid pandemics and suffered from the limitations thereof, but nonetheless it succeeded in proposing the members interesting and useful initiatives that allow them to expand their business, especially on the international market. Among these,

  • common participation in international exhibitions,
  • weekly newsletter with tenders all over the world,
  • proactive collaboration with important Italian institutions like ENAC, ICE, Air Force

The assembly also had the task of electing the new board. Mr Giulio De Carli and Mrs Alessia Forte have been confirmed as President and Vice-President, respectively. SITTI representative, Mr. Roberto Weger, former member of the board, has also been confirmed.

Together with the other members of the governing board, SITTI will continue giving its contribution to the successful development of the association, with the aim of permitting all companies to create strong synergies to jointly propose their products and services, thus making their offer stronger and more appealing, supporting the “Made in Italy” brand that expresses the excellence and top performance of the products proposed by ATI.

Here is the website of ATI:


Air traffic control in the skies of Costa Rica is carried out by the Civil Aviation Authority – DGAC and the Central American Corporation of Air Navigation Services – COCESNA, which is in charge of ATC functions in the upper airspace of the countries Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador.

In the general frame of enhancing, modernizing expanding its infrastructure to provide an always improving service to air navigation, DGAC and COCESNA requested SITTI to supply new equipment that will expand existing services and facilities. The new supply is intended for important sites that will facilitate air traffic management and improve the services provided.

The sites that will benefit from the new SITTI devices and systems are the El Coco Radar Control Centre, the Liberia Radar Control Centre, the Juan Santamaría International Airport, the Tobías Bolaños International Airport, the Daniel Oduber International Airport. Specifically, the El Coco Radar Control Centre will be equipped with an expansion of the VCS (Voice Communication System) already present in the facility, belonging to the MULTIFONO® M800IP® family, and a new VRS800S recording and playback system.

All sites will be equipped with gateway systems to connect legacy analogue and digital links that are converted to the EUROCAE ED137 world standard on VoIP (Voice over IP). This allows all data and voice streams to be transported over a common nationwide IP WAN infrastructure.

Another worthwhile feature that is going to be provided to these sites is the use of enhanced EAD (Emergency Access Device) systems. These are compact all-in-one modular solutions, designed to serve Air Traffic Control centres for contingency and emergency purposes. EAD allows direct VoIP ED137 communications with any remote radio equipment and gives local intercom telephone connectivity, allowing ED137-based calls to reach all devices connected via LAN or WAN, in full compliance with the ED137 standard.

SITTI is a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, capable of giving prompt and top-level solution answers to Customer needs, both in the Civil and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the SYNCRONIS® MULTIFONO® M800IP® provides flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities.


The presence of SITTI in India dates back many years ago. During the past decades, SITTI has been supplying Voice Communication Systems (VCS) (and ancillary equipment) used by hundreds of controllers in the main ACC centres and international airports of India. These systems have been recently complemented by a nationwide coverage of new VoIP (Voice over IP) VCS systems that have been installed throughout the entire Nation.

SITTI is a world leader in Air Traffic Control (ATC), focusing on Voice Communication Systems (VCS), recorders, consoles and auxiliary devices used at ACCs and towers of any size, from small airfields to very large international sites. Our presence in India covers the whole subcontinent, and it is expected that our contribution to the local economy will still increase in the near future.

In order to consolidate and expand its strong relationship with the Airport Authority of India (AAI), and to provide immediate answer to any request that may come from the local market, SITTI decided to establish a new subsidiary company in India under the name of “SITTI COMMUNICATIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED” (also simply called “SITTI INDIA“), with its headquarters in New Delhi.

This investment testifies the growing importance for SITTI of India in the region. The constantly evolving systems, that are more and more integrating new features to give air traffic controller complete situational awareness, see SITTI in the forefront of the innovation projects worldwide. The presence of a local subsidiary will give Indian ATC authorities the opportunity of lively experimenting the new functions through the direct contact with local qualified staff.


In line with its internal process of modernization and technological development and enhancement, the Italian Air Force (AM) promotes all efforts aimed at streamlining and facilitating the provision of Air Navigation and Air Traffic Control services that result in an improvement of the efficiency and safety of operations.

In particular, Voice Communication Switching systems (VCSs) are required for the management of communications between ground infrastructures and aircrafts. Availability and efficiency of these systems are essential conditions for the effective accomplishment of the tasks assigned to the Air Force. The airfield towers have already been modernized along the past years with MULTIFONO® M800IP® state-of-the-art VCS systems.

Taking into account the technological developments in the Air Traffic Control field, it has been recognized that it is necessary to complete this modernisation process through the acquisition of so-called “multifunctional” features. This means the introduction at each tower Controller Working Position (CWP) of a fully comprehensive mean allowing operators to access the various subsystems used for controlling the air traffic in a unified, simple, ergonomic, standardized way.

The multifunctional MTF800 positions provided by SITTI allow operators to acquire operational awareness at a glance, concentrating all related information sources (even from third party suppliers) in a reduced number of screens, through which the interaction between operator and each subsystem (voice, frequencies, weather, cameras, recorders, flight strips, etc.) is simplified and integrated.

The SITTI MTF800 multifunctional system can be at any time expanded to accomplish new tasks or to adhere to possible new regulations and needs, thus permitting the move of an operator from one position to another (in case of need or maintenance) without any data disruption.

The first sites where MTF800 has been installed are the airbases of Ghedi and Pratica di Mare, while Decimomannu is in progress; another 6 airports will also be equipped with MTF800, with possible extension to further three. The “turnkey” approach followed by SITTI and the extreme flexibility capability of MTF800 have been particularly appreciated by the Air Force, thus improving the response to their challenging operational needs.

MTF800 can be used in both military and civil towers, by putting together and integrating information sources of different kinds, for on-site use as well as for remote tower installations.


The air traffic control communication network can be, generally speaking, made of many remote sites hosting analogue and/or digital single or multi-channel radios for allowing controller to talk to pilots. Remote radio sites shall provide operators placed at different geographical locations the possibility of using their frequencies in a shared way, so that a radio shall not be deemed as “belonging” to a given VCS (Voice Communication System), but can be accessed and used by a plurality of VCSs.

When radios are natively compliant with the international ED-137 standard, this feature is already given by the radios themselves because this is a common behaviour well defined by the standard. When vice versa radios do not comply with ED-137 (e.g. analogue or digital radios), then a gateway is put between the radios themselves and the VoIP (Voice over IP) network to allow mutual coexistence and access capability.

For the Italian Air Force, the gateway function is provided by so-called RIU (Remote Interface Units) by SITTI that permit MULTIFONO® M800IP® VCS systems to send and receive audio and data to and from radios of any kind. This is particularly of interest for the integration of remote site radios into the NATINAMDS radio infrastructure that is used by the Air Force. RIU devices also contribute reducing the bandwidth needed to connect to remote radios and provide all management and information services needed for their efficient handling.

SITTI is being supplying additional interface systems and RIUs to enhance and complete the access to all radio sites, also providing automatic operational substitution of faulty equipment, multiple VCS access to radios, priority assignment, frequency management tools.

The long experience accumulated by SITTI all along the many decades of successful support to military forces worldwide makes it possible to offer a turn-key solution project and geographical test bed that will be evaluated by the Air Force for implementation starting in 2023.


The Italian Air Force (AMI) was officially founded in 1923, exactly 100 years ago. This event has been celebrated in many places in Italy with exhibitions and shows, one of which took place in Milano on September 10 at the Linate Airport, not far from the operational office of SITTI.

Several thousands of enthusiastic and curious people of all ages crowded the airport to have the opportunity of having a close view of aircrafts and military vehicles. Many interactive activities have been prepared to allow visitors to have a touch-and-feel experience of the technical means used by the Air Force for accomplishing its tasks, including flight simulators, operational and technological components, logistics and much more.

Visitors have been welcomed by many pilots, technicians and specialists who passionately talked about their daily work for the defence of the country and the execution of important rescue activities and international missions.

SITTI boasts a decades-long strict collaboration with the Italian Air Force, providing all military airports and bases with its top-most systems for Air Traffic Control. As such, SITTI was also involved in the preparation of this wonderful and interesting event, to make it possible to visitors to see how our Air Force works when ensuring a safe sky to all of us.

SITTI contributed to the show by installing and activating some operative positions in a simulated environment that allowed controllers and pilots to exchange important flight information and to provide situational operative awareness, in a similar way as operational rooms and SCC/AM centres (Coordination and Control Service of the Air Force) do every day.