Last week the most important event concerning the ATM and ATC world took place in Geneva: AIRSPACE WORLD. This was the debut edition, the very first time such an event takes place in Switzerland under the organisation of CANSO. Before Airspace World, a similar initiative has been held in Madrid for nine editions, with the name World ATM Congress.

Airspace World ( is the world’s largest international Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM) exhibition, attracting industry market leaders and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) from all around the globe. Product developers, experts and end users gather for three days to share information on the latest products and achievements.

This is the right place where the various stakeholders meet and make things happen. It is a very important event, where SITTI has the opportunity to show its latest developments in these fields and to meet the interest of many customers, both those that are new to us and those who have been knowing us since long.

The participation at this event is the natural prosecution of the continued presence of SITTI at the major exhibitions on ATC/ATM since decades. Following its vocation and commitment to show its Innovative Products to the international audience, SITTI once more demonstrated its capability of always being at the forefront of innovation, technology, capability and expertise for an integrated management of data and voice.

Voice Communication Systems (VCS), ED137 recorders (VRS), VoIP gateways, integrated information solutions, consoles, tower solutions are the main products developed by SITTI to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.


SITTI systems are designed to work without interruption for tens of years, thus guaranteeing customers extremely high reliability figures. This is one of the things SITTI is particularly proud of, because it gives clients the perception of a stable and always available system, which he can rely upon. Of course this also increases the positive reputation of SITTI far beyond South America.

As said above, SITTI VCS (Voice Communication System) systems are very reliable, so that unit replacement and fault repair activities are quite infrequent. The major CINDACTA Air Traffic Control centres in Brazil (Brasilia, Curitiba, Recife and Manaus) are under a maintenance contract with SITTI that provides technical, functional and system assistance to cope with any possible degradation or disruption.

The current maintenance contract envisages the physical presence of a SITTI engineer at each control centre during working hours 5 days a week, accompanied by the constant 24/7 availability on call in case of any urgency. Should anything serious occur that cannot be solved over the phone, a qualified engineer is guaranteed to be on site within 60 minutes.

Programmed maintenance activities are scheduled to be executed daily, weekly or monthly, according to the system parts to be supervised. Every month, a written report is prepared and handed over to the customers, listing all activities carried out and their outcome.

The current maintenance contract also includes the same kind of service for the CRCEA-SE centre in Sao Paulo and the APP military and civil control centre responsible for the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro areas. In addition, an annual similar maintenance program applies to the other about 30 DTCEA centres providing APP and TWR service, with constant helpdesk contacts and on site intervention within 24 hours in case of blocking problems.


COCESNA (Corporación Centroamericana de Servicios de Navegación Aérea) is undergoing a project for the modernization and extension of the air traffic control capacity and features in Central America. In the frame of this project, there’s the need for a new VCS (Voice Communication System) system for the ACC (Area Control Centre) in Tegucigalpa Honduras. The VCS  will be installed in the CENAMER ACC of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

COCESNA awarded SITTI the relevant contract for the supply of the VCS system. The new system belongs to the SYNCRONIS® MULTIFONO® M800IP® family that  hasproven its reliability and flexibility in many other installations all over the world, particularly in America.

The VCS system includes 15 touchscreen CWPs (Controller Working Positions) through which ATCOs (Air Traffic Controller Operators) can seamlessly access the radio and telephone communications features provided by the VCS, regardless of whether they are analogue, digital or VoIP (Voice Over IP). All protocol conversions are completely transparent to the user.

A large number of VoIP radios (57), analogue telephone circuits (36), IP telephone channels (10) and the CWPs are fully integrated to provide controllers the fastest possible and most reliable access to the respective links and lines. All this features, coupled with the native flexibility and expandability of the system, heavily contributes to make their work easier and more comfortable,  making the skies safer.

SITTI is a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, capable of giving prompt and topedge solution answers to Customer needs, both in the Civil and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the SYNCRONIS® MULTIFONO® M800IP® provides flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities.


Arica is a medium size city in Northern Chile, close to the border with Peru. Arica is an important harbor where goods are shipped for the inland and neighboring countries and is also the end station of the Bolivian oil pipeline. The strategic position of this city is enhanced by being served by a busy international airport.

COMSA Instalaciones y Sistemas Industriales, a big (Spanish) infrastructure company, in the frame of large modernization activities at the airport, awarded SITTI a contract for the supply of a new Voice Communication System (VCS) at the local Aeropuerto Chacalluta de Arica (ARI), including Controller Working Positions (CWP), Radio and Intercom facilities.

The system being provided by SITTI belongs to the MULTIFONO® M800IP® family of Voice Communication Systems that has already been installed at many other aeronautical sites in Chile, from North to South.

A large number of analogue and hotline telephone lines are interfaced to the VCS by means of 32 dedicated modules that allow connection to the system’s VoIP internal network. Another 12 SIP telephone lines are connected through 3 dedicated boards that make it possible for ATCOs (Air Traffic Control Operators) to seamlessly  communicate through all kinds of available links.

Similarly, both analogue and native VoIP radios are interfaced to the M800IP® system by means of a total of 14 radio interface boards for the connection of 28 analogue radios, plus another 4 VoIP cards to get access to up to 16 VoIP radios. Best Signal Selection facilities are also included in the system.

ATCOs access all provided communication features through  touchscreen Controller Working Positions (CWP) that are also equipped with GPS-synchronized IP clock displays manufactured by SITTI.

The Arica system is expected to get final operational approval in the first months of next year.


Since 2007 SITTI is cooperating with PAME-RJ (Parque de Material de Eletrônica) for logistics and maintenance services in Brasil. The local subsidiary (SITTI do Brasil), headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, counts with a workforce of more than a dozen technicians and engineers taking care of all the on-site services in this vast country. During the REMAN event, SITTI offered to PAME-RJ a commemoration plate to celebrate the 15th anniversary of successful cooperation.

SITTI’s president, Mrs. Patrizia Crovato, intervened at the celebrations for this important anniversary, underlining the long-lasting excellent relationship between SITTI and the Brazilian Air Force, that made the contract being constantly renewed and extended since then.

Mrs. Crovato remarked that the whole company has “a particular bond and sense of gratitude towards the Brazilian Air Force, which is one of SITTI’s most important customers”, whose many installations are often mentioned as positive and comprehensive examples of fruitful four-hands collaboration between customer and vendor, between user and manufacturer.

We are really proud and honored to service the Brazilian Country.” – Mrs. Crovato continued – “We thank and praise the technical skills both of Brazilian Air Force personnel and our local staff that cooperate to provide efficient and effective control over a huge airspace, about double size compared to Europe”.

This is the 15th year of mutual trust and collaboration with PAME. I am confident that it will be continuing for many more years to cope with further upcoming projects in Brazil. From my side, as the president of SITTI, I’ll do my best to always have PAME at the forefront of our engagements and efforts. I thank you for your trust and we commit ourselves to improve with determination and constancy the services rendered and the infrastructure in Brazil.

Mr. Riccardo Ornaghi, SITTI Area Manager for Brazil, also took the floor, complementing the president’s words with a short outline of his positive experience working side by side with PAME and the great results achieved together.


ATCA GLOBAL is the name of the revamped event that ATCA has always been organizing yearly to bring together all stakeholders who manage airspace operations. The ATCA (Air Traffic Control Association) event will take place in Washington D.C., USA, from November 7th to 9th, 2022. It will be the gathering of all major airspace integration organizations that will show visitors their latest developments and future-oriented views.

SITTI will also be present at this important event, together with its partner, General Dynamic Information Technology (GDIT). Both companies will share a booth showing their integration capabilities and interoperability approach.

This unique venue will attract industry market leaders and decision-makers from all over the world to see and have “hands-on” with the ultimate results of the research and development efforts jointly produced by GDIT and SITTI in the Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM) fields.

ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers) and end users will get the opportunity to benefit from the Innovative Products these companies are presenting to the market, with special and particular attention to Integrated Solutions, combining data and voice.

SITTI is eager to participate in this event to meet both those new to us and those who have known us for a long time. Voice Communication Systems (VCS), VoIP gateways, recorders, integrated information solutions, and consoles are the main products developed by SITTI to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

Come and visit us at booth 1020.


The Voice Communication Systems (VCS) deployed on the Brazilian territory are used to provide a level high level of air traffic management. Due to the vastness of this South American country, the number of operators need to assure efficient and safe services is significantly high.

This has never been a problem for SITTI VCS system, thanks to their intrinsic and native flexibility and scalability that allow them to coping with all Air Traffic Control (ATC) needs, ranging from small airfield to very large Area Control Centres (ACC). This is particularly evident for MULTIFONO® the latest and most advanced solution offered by SITTI.

Installations with much more than hundred Controller Working Positions (CWP) are quite common, without affecting the overall system performance and always guarantees an extremely high level of connectivity and signal quality. Operators sitting at their desks can have access to many hundreds of telephone lines and radio links of any king (analogue, digital, VoIP), in full accordance with all applicable standards and recommendations.
SITTI is a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, capable of giving prompt and top edge solution answers to Customer needs, both in the Civilian and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the MULTIFONO® provides flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities.


Brazil has an huge number of small airports with reduced traffic flow, where AFIS service (Aerodrome Flight Information Service) is provided. With the aim of granting an integrated and cost-effective service, several AFIS operations has been centralized in CINDACTA centres. The project includes enhancements at the following locations:

  • CINDACTA I (Brasilia)
    • Barbacena
  • CINDACTA II (Curitiba)
    • Corumbá
    • Uruguaiana
  • CINDACTA III (Recife)
    • Fernando de Noronha
  • CINDACTA IV (Manaus)
    • Oiapoque
    • Vilhena
    • SãoJosé da Cacheira
    • Tiriós
    • Guajará-mirim
    • Tabatinga

As part of this expansion project, SITTI is supplying its MTF800 Integrated Information System, an advanced solution that allows the integration, in a single 24” touch panel, of audio management, electronic strips, meteorology and cameras applications.

MTF800 Terminal may host and integrate applications developed by third parties granting ergonomic and modern ATC-CWP.

MTF800 Integrated Information System is in fact a hardware/software platform which concentrates different data sources into one integrated product with the aim of reducing the number of objects on the operative desks, to increase the operator’s situational awareness.

MTF800 is capable of handling proprietary and third-party legacy systems, implementing compact, user-friendly and highly configurable HMI layouts. Information on the working positions can be arranged in configurable desktops, each dealing with different management aspects, according to the Customer’s needs.


The evolving customers’ needs and the progress in the development of new features require companies to be ready to provide new solutions capable of answering such needs, especially for civil and military applications, where reliable and secure communications are vital.

Mission- and safety-critical applications (e.g. Airport Towers, Area Control Centres, Military Commands, Operations Rooms) are the target of SITTI offer of products and services, that are now under the umbrella of a comprehensive new market brand that encompasses natively integrated solutions: SYNCRONIS®

This includes all systems and solutions that SITTI can offer to its customers, who can rely on SITTI long-term experience and expertise: VCSs, VoIP Gateways, Recorders, Radios, Networks, Consoles, Clocks, Integrated Information Systems, Design&Project Management, Advanced Logistics, Training.

The resulting turnkey solution covering all aspects of a modern communication network is visually described in the new company video that is being officially released today.

Please enjoy its view from our website or from YouTube at the following link:


SITTI is a reference point in the global market when it comes to integrated systems and solutions for civil and military mission- and safety-critical applications, like Airport Towers, Area Control Centres, Military Commands, Operations Rooms for Fire Brigades, Police, Emergencies and Public Utilities, Vessel Traffic Service, wherever reliable, secure and controlled communication is required.

To even more underline the high integration capability native to SITTI products, SITTI is today officially launching its new brand:

This new brand is encompassing all systems and solutions that SITTI can offer to its customers who can rely on SITTI long-term experience and expertise to cover their challenging and evolving needs, by possibly upgrading and expanding their installations through a large portfolio of products belonging to the same compatible family.

SYNCRONIS® includes Voice Communication Systems, Integrated Information Systems, VoIP Gateways, Recorders, Radios, Networks, Consoles, Clocks, Design&Project Management, Advanced Logistics, Training. This translates in a turnkey solution that covers all aspects of a modern communication network.

SYNCRONIS® is a brand that, from its name already, recalls the unique synchronisation and integration features” – Roberto Weger, Communications and Innovation Manager, says – “that are driving the increasing research and development activities carried out by SITTI.

The message we want to transfer to our customers” – Claudio Tognoni, Area Manager, says – “is that SITTI is a one-stop integrated solution provider, capable of giving exhaustive answers to all their needs in the field of radio and telephone communications.