SITTI at WATC 2022

World ATM Congress is the world’s largest international Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM) exhibition, taking place in Madrid from June 21 to 23. This unique venue is attracting industry market leaders and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) from all around the globe. Product developers, experts and end users gather for three days to share the latest products and achievements.

SITTI has been present at this important event since its very first edition. This is in fact the right place where Air Traffic Control stakeholders meet and make things happen. It is a very important event, where SITTI has the opportunity to show its latest developments in this field and to meet the interest of many customers, both those that are new to us and those who have been knowing us since long.

Following its vocation and commitment to present its Innovative Products to the international audience, SITTI will be participating in the 2022 edition of the World ATM Congress (WATC) exhibition. New ideas and product concepts will be shown, with special and particular attention to Integrated Solutions, combining data and voice.

Voice Communication Systems (VCS), VoIP gateways, recorders, integrated information solutions, consoles are the main products developed by SITTI to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

Come and visit us at booth 562.


As part of the modernisation and upgrade of the ATC (Air Traffic Control) infrastructure used by DHMI, the Turkish ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider), SITTI will also supply a significant number so-called Emergency Radio Access Devices (ERAD), as last resort resources for the access to remote transceivers.

These devices are air traffic control terminals, designed by SITTI as a powerful, flexible and cost-effective solution to ensure continuity of radio and telephone communications in the event of an emergency. Thanks to its all-in-one architecture, it is completely independent of the existing VCS network and is able to guarantee reliable communication with remote devices, even if the main system is out of order.

ERAD consists of an integrated operative position and associated electro-acoustical devices (PTT, microphone, loudspeaker), giving access to communication features through a 7 inch touchscreen panel, through which the operator can connect to any local and remote radio and telephone device.

Thanks to ERAD positions by SITTI, DHMI is equipped with a reliable emergency and contingency solution, thus guaranteeing continuity of service, even in case of emergency and/or catastrophic events.

SITTI is a world leader in Air Traffic Control (ATC), focusing on Voice Communication Systems (VCS) and ancillary equipment. The company has got a strong market position in Turkey, thanks to the SMART and Istanbul New Airport projects.


The Airport Show event is going to take place in Dubai in the period May 17-19, 2022. This exhibition is the largest show in its kind in the region, aiming at creating business opportunities between the world’s leading airport suppliers and service providers and the regional aviation airport decision makers.

SITTI is a founding member of Air Tech Italy (ATI), the Italian association putting together companies providing their products and services to #airports and Air Traffic Control. ATI will be participating in this exhibition in a pavillon dedicated to Italy and its MadeInItaly products, with the full support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local embassy.

The participation in this event further marks the international leadership of SITTI in the Air Traffic Control market and related Integrated Products. SITTI has in fact already supplied a significant number of systems to most of the countries in the Arabic peninsula. The extremely positive relationship with local partners and customers allows SITTI to proposing its products and services to all interested stakeholders visiting the show.

Voice Communication Systems (VCS), VoIP gateways, recorders, integrated information solutions, consoles are the main products developed by SITTI to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

We wait for you at the Italian Pavillon.


SITTI is a primary manufacturer of Voice Communication Integrated Solutions, delivering its products worldwide. In order to further better tackle the challenges in the air traffic control market, in their meeting of April 29th, the shareholders decided a re-arrangement of the roles and responsibilities in the leadership and management of SITTI:

  • Patrizia Crovato (see picture) is the new President of SITTI
  • Mario Scovenna takes on the position of General Manager
  • Andrea Sasselli assumes the role of Technical Director
  • Giorgio Donnini is in charge of the Business Development

We wish all of them a fruitful work for the present and future development of the company.