The Turkish ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider), DHMI, is currently undergoing a very large project for the modernization and rationalisation of their connections between their VCSs (Voice Communication Systems) and remote radios deployed in the country.

In the past years, SITTI has been providing DHMI with TDM-based VCSs that have been installed at all main ACC and APP centres for the management of the air traffic in the Turkish crowded skies. Such VCSs are connected by means of an IP network reaching all remote devices and allowing intercom conversations between controllers at different sites. This is the so-called “SMART” network.

With the new communication paradigm defined by the EUROCAE ED-137 standard (which details the way VoIP – Voice over IP – has to be used in the ATC world), the VCSs used at the Turkish ACCs will be upgraded to a new full-standard version (MULTIFONO® M800IP®) that is natively dealing data and voice streams in full adherence to the latest international standards.

The current plan by DHMI is to install the new VoIP capable VCSs at all ACC and APP sites and to create a new full VoIP network that will be used in parallel to the existing one. The current TDM-based VCSs will also be used in parallel to the new ones. After a suitable consolidation and observation period, the previous IP network will be dismissed, while remote radios will continue having their analogue connection to the current TDM VCS.

When all transition phases will be over, DHMI will be using a full standard VoIP network connecting all VCSs and remote radio sites, thus benefitting of all the advanced provisions and features envisaged by the ED-137 standard. For contingency reasons, remote radios will still be reachable via analogue connections from the current TDM-based VCSs.

In accomplishing this very complex project, DHMI could rely on the large experience and expertise by SITTI, this latter once more demonstrating the capability of dealing and managing large networking and system integration projects involving many different devices and connection links.


The Italian Air Force (AM – Aeronautica Militare) is aiming at creating a national network for connecting all Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems deployed at their various air bases. This will permit the use of SIP/VOIP services from the MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication Systems (VCS) provided by SITTI.

M800IP® is a server based VCS that natively deals with voice and data streams utilizing the VOIP technology in perfect compliance with the aeronautical standard applicable in air traffic management and control, with special emphasis on EUROCAE ED-137. The move from the current systems to a large-scale server based solution makes it possible to geographically distribute the provided services according to any logistic and strategic plans.

The creation of a network of voice communication systems nationwide will be accompanied by the implementation and testing of new features that will allow military controllers to make communications easier between them with different priorities according to the urgency of the message to be transferred: standard calls, direct calls, scramble calls. An instant messaging feature is included, which gives operators the capability of sending and receiving text messages.

This delicate operation is following the strict requirements set by AM, which has been asking for a very highly reliable hardware and software infrastructure. The proactive capability of SITTI to fulfil the challenging requirements of this project leverages on the expertise and experience acquired by the company as system integrator for complete and complex solutions in all fields where reliable, secure, configurable data and voice communications are required.


When thinking of SITTI, the majority of us would associate it to the air traffic control area of interest. Indeed, this is the market where SITTI has been particularly active, but its products can cope with many other fields of applications, wherever controlled, secure and reliable communications are required.

The Belgian Ministry of Defence has recently awarded SITTI the supply of a Maritime Voice Communication System (M-VCS) for the replacement and modernisation of their current system. The new system encompasses both fixed and mobile Controller Working Positions, thus allowing operators quickly moving to the location where their service is required, at the same time keeping contact with their colleagues.

The Maritime M-VCS belongs to the SITTI’s M800IP® MULTIFONO® family, fully compliant with the current international standards issued by the competent bodies. In order to properly manage analogue radios and telephone links, two server based radio/telephone VOIP gateways allow seamless connectivity. These are fully redundant: in the event of failure of one server, the other one takes over automatically and transparently, also recovering the active sessions prior to the failure. This ensures continuity of service even in case of hardware or link failure.

The maritime system being provided to the Ministry of Defence also includes a VRS800S Voice Recording System and its replay workstations; the recording/replay system (also server-based) can be easily expanded to cope with many hundreds of channels to be recorded. At least 90 days of continuous recording is guaranteed. Synchronous replay of all recorded sources can be accomplished without affecting the concurrent recording process.

This Maritime VCS (that will be delivered to the Belgian Ministry of Defence from 2022) furthermore testifies the great flexibility of SITTI systems that can be used in all those fields of application where radios, telephones and intercom connectivity is to be provided in an extremely reliable way for mission-critical uses, like air traffic control, harbours management and emergency services.