The Italian Air Force (AM – Aeronautica Militare) is aiming at creating a national network for connecting all Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems deployed at their various air bases. This will permit the use of SIP/VOIP services from the MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication Systems (VCS) provided by SITTI.

M800IP® is a server based VCS that natively deals with voice and data streams utilizing the VOIP technology in perfect compliance with the aeronautical standard applicable in air traffic management and control, with special emphasis on EUROCAE ED-137. The move from the current systems to a large-scale server based solution makes it possible to geographically distribute the provided services according to any logistic and strategic plans.

The creation of a network of voice communication systems nationwide will be accompanied by the implementation and testing of new features that will allow military controllers to make communications easier between them with different priorities according to the urgency of the message to be transferred: standard calls, direct calls, scramble calls. An instant messaging feature is included, which gives operators the capability of sending and receiving text messages.

This delicate operation is following the strict requirements set by AM, which has been asking for a very highly reliable hardware and software infrastructure. The proactive capability of SITTI to fulfil the challenging requirements of this project leverages on the expertise and experience acquired by the company as system integrator for complete and complex solutions in all fields where reliable, secure, configurable data and voice communications are required.