Chengdu is the capital of the south-western province of Sichuan in China. For the improvement and expansion of the airport, the local administration awarded SITTI the supply of a brand new MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication Solution.

SITTI boasts a very large base of installed systems in China. The increasing number of orders coming from this country once more testifies the excellent reputation that our company has well-deserved in the Far East, even through the excellent work done by our local representative, Beijing XiDi Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

The new VCS has a limited size compared to other similar systems spread all over the country, but nevertheless it provides operators with all the features and facilities available at larger installations. The system is in fact complying with the most recent specifications of the EUROCAE ED 137 standard, which defined the rules for the use of VOIP (Voice over IP) in the Air Traffic Control field.

The system is capable of interfacing both analogue and digital radios and telephone lines. This allows the system to get all benefits from the native straightforward flexibility of the IP-based architecture of the system itself, without losing the possibility of providing full access to all kinds of interfaces and lines.

At any time in the future, the system can be seamlessly enlarged by adding new interface boards and/or controller working positions, whose configuration is extremely easy thanks to the MMS software: they can be put into operation in a matter of minutes, thus significantly enhancing the air traffic control capabilities of Chengdu operators.


The tight schedule defined for the supply of VCS systems to the Airport Authority of India (AAI) has not being delayed due to the Covid virus emergency situation. The last two lots found their way to their final destination according to the agreements with the customer. The last boxes of the last lot left SITTI in the first week of September to reach the Indian sub-continent.

This important contract was awarded to SITTI in June 2019, after a very competitive bidding process. It represents a big step towards the modernization of their Air Traffic Control infrastructure all over the country and one of the biggest successes for SITTI.

The large amount of equipment foreseen by the contract proved the capability of SITTI to cope with high volumes of production,” – Marco Scalia, SITTI Program Manager for this project, said – “by at the same time keeping the same quality standards for all of them, according to the strict applicable analysis and process standards applied by the company.

In less than one year, SITTI completed the delivery of all foreseen systems and ancillary equipment. We are here speaking of 48 main VCS system plus 16 fallback ones, 77 remote radio stations, 726 controller working positions, 48 voice recording systems.

The significant investments made by SITTI in improving its internal processes and the optimisation of the production lines put the company in the position of being capable of dealing with large supplies like this, without renouncing to the topmost quality level that make it the reference company worldwide for ATC devices, systems and solutions.” – Roberto Weger added, Communications Manager at SITTI.

All systems supplied to AAI belong to the top performing MULTIFONO® M800IP® family, fully compliant to the international ED 137 VoIP standard for VoIP applications in the ATC field. The extremely easy configuration capability and the flexibility of the functions embedded into the boards and Controller Working Positions make M800IP® the best choice VCS. Top-performing Voice Recorders and VoIP Gateways provide the ancillary functions that complete the offer by SITTI.


SITTI is pleased and proud to announce that the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) under the Ministry of Economic Development has granted SITTI the recognition of its registered trademark


as a historical brand of special national interest.

This recognition, in addition to being an obvious source of pride for our company, represents the right appreciation for brands that have contributed to the development of Italy. It also praises the large investments made by SITTI to offer technologically advanced solutions that are currently installed in most countries in the world.

SITTI is a company of excellence, whose products belonging to the MULTIFONO® family have evolved up to the most recent Voice over IP solution, characterized by an extreme level of flexibility that makes it fit for diverse applications, from small airfield towers to large national control centers, not forgetting public safety operations rooms.

The registration of MULTIFONO® in the special register of historical trademarks of national interest allows for greater protection by the authorities and larger brand dissemination.


SITTI, the primary leader of Voice Communication Solutions (VCS) worldwide has been long since selected by the Italian firefighters department as a trusted partner when their operations rooms have to be modernized and/or integrated with top level technological devices to better respond to their activities that in many cases result in saving human lives.

As reported by TARGATO-CN, a local newspaper wide spread in the Southern area of the Piemonte region, close to the French border, the new firefighters operations room in Cuneo has been completed under the supervision of commander Vincenzo Bennardo. The large experience of the commander made him possible to evaluate the technological and logistic proposals received for finding the best synergy between the need of prompt answers to emergency calls and the optimal usage of the resources under his command.

SITTI has been offering its decennial experience in the Air Traffic Control and the proven capacity of its products as an optimal choice for scenarios where reliability, resilience, redundancy are of utmost importance, since they may make the difference between saving or losing a human life.

The front end to firemen in the operations room for communication purposes is the same product that is currently in use at airport towers: it is a touchscreen device where the highest level of technology and interaction capability is fully exploitable in connecting any kind of radio links and telephone lines, including VoIP (Voice over IP) connections.

The operations room in Cuneo is another important achievement for providing the population with a smarter and integrated infrastructure, capable of quickly intervene in case of need. We wish commander Bennardo a very fruitful continuation and full satisfaction in his important role.