ANS selects SITTI for Gatwick and Edinburgh

29 January, 2020 – Air Navigation Solutions (ANS), a leading UK air traffic management provider, has signed a contract with SITTI, a world leading supplier of voice communication systems (VCS) Systems, to enhance the air traffic management infrastructure at Edinburgh and Gatwick Airports.

ANS is deploying SITTI’s MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication and Control Systems as the VCS at both of ANS’ UK airport operations, and with it upgrading the air traffic control (ATC) infrastructure at Gatwick Airport, the busiest single runway in the world and Edinburgh, Scotland’s largest airport.

SITTI is a leading supplier of voice communication systems worldwide, with the most technologically advanced architecture, fully compliant to the latest international standards. SITTI’s global presence includes a large base of installed VCS and ancillary equipment with services in military and civilian air traffic control, as well as public and private strategic emergency services, police, fire and ambulance services and control room management.

The proven MULTIFONO® M800IP® systems have undergone countless interoperability tests around the globe and are installed at many major airports worldwide. The system offers advanced interfacing capabilities, reliability and flexibility. The primary VCS systems are equipped with interface units to connect digital and analogue radios and telephones and convert them into standard ED 137 VOIP links.

The VCS replacement reinforces ANS’ commitment to innovation, and introducing next generation technologies at all of its ATC operations, enabling a more integrated and efficient air traffic management processes.

Henry Game, Managing Director of Air Navigation Solutions, said: “We’re excited to seal  this partnership with SITTI, and look forward to deploying this new technology at both Gatwick and Edinburgh. As an air traffic management provider with operations at multiple airports, our procurement process has delivered scale purchasing benefits to our customers, and is something we can offer to other airports.

“SITTI has taken a highly professional approach to this process, and their technology will future proof our tower operations, further enhancing both safety and efficiency.”

Roberto Weger, Communications Manager at SITTI, said: “We are delighted that Air Navigation Solutions has chosen SITTI to assist with the implementation of a brand-new voice communication system. ANS is a dynamic ANSP, bringing a difference to the industry, and to say that our technology is now set to be implemented at two of the UK’s busiest airports is a great milestone for us.”

About Air Navigation Solutions – Air Navigation Solutions (ANS) is a UK-based company at the forefront of air traffic management, and a certified ANSP by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, delivering air traffic control and engineering services at some of the world’s busiest and most complex airports. ANS is a trusted partner for national and regional airports, developing tailored solutions designed to help achieve commercial aims. ANS is a subsidiary of DFS Aviation Services, part of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS Group).

SITTI at WATC 2020

SITTI will be present at the 2020 edition of the World ATM Congress (WATC) exhibition in Madrid. The show is going to take place from 10 to 12 March.

SITTI has been present at this important event since its very first edition in Madrid. This is in fact the right place where Air Traffic Control stakeholders meet. It is a very important event, where SITTI has the opportunity to show its latest achievements in this field, by attracting interest from many customers, both new to us and those who know us since long.

The recent acquisition of important contracts all over the world confirms the leadership of SITTI in the ATC market, being a primary reference point worldwide, thanks to its large experience and expertise in the integration of analogue, digital and VOIP communications, both radio and telephone.

Come and visit us at booth 571.


The positive relationship with ESA (European Space Agency) and the excellent results achieved so far paved the way for the award by ESA of another contract to SITTI for the supply of 4 new ED-137 compliant VCSS (Voice Communication Switching Systems). After the delivery of the SITTI system for the Cebreros (Spain) ESA ground station the agency had the need to further equip its world wide Ground Stations network with reliable advanced mission-critical VCS systems to be connected to the main center in Darmstadt (Germany)  for activity coordination and sharing of vital real time information among spacecraft and ground network operators.

The new M800IP® MULTIFONO® Voice Communication Systems will be installed at the following four ESA Ground Stations:
·         Kiruna (Sweden)
·         Kourou (French Guyana)
·         Malargue (Argentina)
·         New Norcia (Australia)

Such new systems guarantee ESA the same top edge characteristics and performance of the ED-137 VOIP systems already supplied. All in all, the four systems encompass 58 controller working positions (CWP), 96 main/backup VOIP links, 32 E&M analogue connections, 16 digital interfaces including ISDN. The native flexibility and modularity of SITTI MULTIFONO® M800IP® systems allow to plug in a very large variety of different interfaces that convert any kind of link into standard EUROCAE ED-137 VOIP connections.
For more information about the earlier steps of this success story, please click here:,,

ESOC is the European Space Operations Centre for ESA, the European Space Agency. The main task of ESOC is to coordinate for ESA member States projects related to spacecraft deployment and their operations. Among these activities: coordination of launches including simulation campaigns and missions readiness, testing communication links to satellites via ESA and partners Ground Stations all over the world, satellite control and health keeping during routine operations. ESOC is articulated around Earth Observation missions, Astronomy and Fundamental Physics Missions, Solar system Exploratory Missions and many other like Navigation and Space Debris. Here is a link for further information about ESOC operations:

SITTI is a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, capable of giving prompt and top edge solutions to Customer needs, both in the Civilian and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the MULTIFONO® M800IP® provides flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities.


Betong is a town in southern Thailand, near the Malaysian border, capital of the Betong District, far down in the Thai territory on the Malaccan peninsula. Tourism is an important driver of the economy in the region, with almost a million foreign visitors a year. In order to further improve the local economy, as of 2018 Thailand’s transport ministry is constructing the new Betong Airport. This latter is scheduled to be opened in June 2020, designed to handle about 300 arrivals per hour.

The Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) for the Thailand area (Aeronautical Radio of Thailand – AEROTHAI) had therefore the need to equip the new tower in Betong with a standards-compliant VCS system (Voice Communication System). The local partner of SITTI, V&S Communications Co. Ltd., proposed the MULTIFONO® M800IP® system by SITTI as the optimal solution for the Aerothai needs.

The extremely positive long-lasting reputation gained by SITTI in the region made the rest: the SITTI system has been chosen as the best answer to the requirements of the new modern airport. The system being provide to Betong includes the connection to 12 analogue telephone lines, 24 analogue 4 wire E&M radio connections, plus 24 VOIP ED-137 radio channels and 4 controller working positions (CWP). Conversations recording outputs, ambient recording and radio best signal selection (BSS) features are also foreseen.

The active contribution given by SITTI to the development and standardization of the EUROCAE ED-137 world standard guarantees the customer of a complete adherence of SITTI systems to the latest available document requirements, further confirmed by the large base of installed VOIP systems all around the world.

SITTI is a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, capable of giving prompt and top edge solutions to Customer needs, both in the Civilian and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the MULTIFONO® M800IP® provides flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities.