Ukraine is a special customer to SITTI. The extremely good relationship between our company and the Ukrainian Air Navigation Service Provider UkSATSE date back more than 20 years ago, when the first modern Voice Communication System (VCS) was installed to cope with the forecast of a significant increase in air traffic in that region.

The good performance of the provided systems and their compliance to the requirements set by the customer paved the way to the modernisation of the entire Air Traffic Control infrastructure in Ukraine.

SITTI is now in the process of providing two brand new MULTIFONO® M800IP® systems to the ACCs (Area Control Centers) of Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk. These systems represent a significant step forward towards the full introduction of VOIP (Voice over IP) features, according to the latest international standards, including ED 137.

Of course, existing non-VOIP telephone lines and radio channels are also fully managed by means of gateway boards allowing legacy digital/analogue links to be treated as they were natively VOIP. All together, the two systems have the capability of fully interfacing more than 44 analogue radio channels, 86 VOIP radio channels, 100 analogue telephone lines, E1 digital and IP links.

A significant number of touch screen panels for Controller Working Positions (CWP) is also part of the supply: more than 40 panels of different kinds are going to be installed at Odessa, plus another 30 at Dnipropetrovsk. Controllers will benefit of specially designed features that are very important to the customer, such as closed group call, conference notification tones, call hunting, briefing, etc.

The long lasting good reputation of SITTI as a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier is once again testified by these supplies, which will allow UKSATSE to take full benefit of the latest technological achievements and standard compliance.