Training is the way users have the possibility of understanding the technical features and capabilities of complex, redundant, future-proof, yet easy-to-maintain systems like those manufactured by SITTI. We have therefore always paid great attention to offer clients excellent training courses at different customized levels, according to their needs. High skilled personnel with long experience lead the courses aiming at providing the trainees with all information about the equipment and ancillary devices.

Along with traditional courses carried out at SITTI headquarters or at the customer’s premises, remote training is also available:

  • Technical Training – To provide all necessary guidelines to the technical team that will be working on the Voice Communication System.
  • Operational Training – To teach Radio and Telephone Operators the correct use of the VCS Controller Working Positions.
  • Train-to-Trainer Training – To provide a support guide for trainers designated to instruct the technical team that will be working on the VCS.

Remote learning is a means of training that avoids travelling without losing the benefits of excellent education on the systems being presented by the trainer. The reason for opting for remote training can be multifold, from remote physical distance to limited time available, or from governmental restrictions to cost reduction, or from travel visa to health reasons. SITTI has developed two remote training methodologies for supporting customer remote training needs:

  • Online Training
  • Computer Tutorials

The first typology provides training sessions that envisage the possibility of simultaneous interaction between SITTI trainer and the trainees. Both theoretical and practical sessions are provided, during which possible questions can be asked immediately to the trainer. The second typology is based on training tutorials focused on specific topics, in accordance with operational needs of the trainees. Each module is supported with presentation, tutorials and evaluation tests.

Both remote training modes are intended for both new VCS equipment users and to already established customers who need to refresh or deepen the knowledge on specific system aspects:

  • ATCOs
  • ATM Engineers
  • Maintenance staff
  • ANSP Officials