The Middle South Regional ATMB (Air Traffic Management Bureau) of Civil Aviation of China awarded SITTI the provision of a new Voice Communication System (VCS) for Zhuhai, on the Southern Chinese coast.

The new VCS belongs to the MULTIFONO® M800IP® family, complying with the most recent specifications of the EUROCAE ED 137 standard, which defined the rules for the use of VOIP (Voice over IP) in the Air Traffic Control field.

The system being supplied to ZhuHai is capable of natively interface both analogue and digital radios and telephone lines that are internally managed as IP streams thanks to appropriate gateway boards. This allows the system to get all benefits from the native straightforward flexibility of the IP-based architecture of the system itself, without losing the possibility of providing full access to all kinds of interfaces and lines.

The specification from the customer was to be able to connect at least 48 analogue radio channels, 16 VOIP ED-137 radios, more than 80 analogue telephone lines, plus a number of other interfaces, including digital E1 and ATS-QSIG. The provision also includes 9 Controller Working Positions (CWP).

Significant extended features (such as full call priority management, enlarged CWP monitoring, audio transmission coupling on the ground/ground segment, advanced best signal selection, failsafe PTT, signal looping, etc.) are put at the controllers’ disposal for better accomplishing their important tasks.

The Middle South Regional ATMB (Air Traffic Management Bureau) of Civil Aviation of China will deeply test the supplied system and all features therein; this process is expected to end up with the Reliability Acceptance of the system within the current year.