SITTI Voice Recording System (VRS) for ESOC


The European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) for the European Space Agency (ESA) in Darmstadt, Germany has been ordering SITTI the provision of a Voice Recorder System (VRS) to keep memory of all data and voice communications exchanged between operators of their new M800IP® MULTIFONO® Voice Communication System (VCS) with more than 130 Controller Working Positions (CWP).
As Europe’s centre of excellence for satellite operation, it is vital for ESOC to rely on equipment, systems and software of highest reliability and resilience to accomplish their tasks of controlling spacecraft in orbit, and manage their global tracking station network. At any one time, ESOC operates more than 15 satellites (at time of publication), with multiple 20 new missions in preparation and others under study (

SITTI supplied ESOC with the new Voice Recorder System VRS800G, which is powered by GuardREC. VRS800G is a latest solution for unified recording of different sources. It has been designed to meet stringent operational requirements of availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using a complete non-blocking, modular, open architecture that ensures high reliability, maintainability and availability values.

The VRS800G system has the capability to interface Digital, Analogue, E1 communication lines and VoIP connections (RTP, SIP, ED137), as well as Radar Screen, Raw data, CCTV. Each supplied system has the capacity of 300 recording channels and is complemented by a web-based replay and configuration tool. The supplied VRS is fully integrated with the large M800IP® MULTIFONO® Voice Communication System (VCS) that SITTI already provided ESOC with for the Control Center of Darmstadt (Germany).

For over 70 years, SITTI has been configuring integrated solutions for Air Traffic Control communication, emphasising on efficiency, reliability and safety. The long term presence in the market of mission-critical systems for very demanding customers like ESA, allows SITTI to present its solutions to all organisations where secure, reliable and controlled communications are required.