ESOC is the European Space Operations Centre for ESA, the European Space Agency. The main task of ESOC is to coordinate operations for ESA member States projects related to spacecraft and satellites deployment. Among these, coordination of the launches including simulations and missions readiness testing communication to satellites via ESA and partners Ground Stations all over the world, satellite control during routine operations. ESOC is articulated around Earth Observation missions, Astronomy and Fundamental Physics Missions, Solar system Exploratory Missions and many other like Navigation and Space Debris. Here is a link for further information about ESOC operations:

After the positive supply of a large M800IP® MULTIFONO® Voice Communication System (VCS) with more than 130 Controller Working Positions (CWP) for the Control Center of Darmstadt last year, the contract between ESA and SITTI has been extended for the provision of a similar system for the CEBREROS ESA Ground Station in Spain. This new system is smaller (26 positions) than the initial one, but the two installations shall be interconnected in order to allow operators to share vital information about the spacecrafts being controlled. The deployment of the M800IP® MULTIFONO® Voice Communication System is planned to continue in the coming years with four other ESA Ground Stations (Kourou, Malargue, New Norcia and Kiruna).

By means of these two VCS systems, ESOC staff can also be connected to their partners worldwide through telephone gateways for mainly VOIP based standard communications. Because of the extremely demanding operational aspects of the activities done by ESOC and the high-level technology involved, the VCS architecture is duplicated in all system components, for coping with possible contingency situations.

The new Cebreros Ground Station system is going to be installed in the first half of next year. SITTI is very proud of having been chosen once again by ESOC, thus confirming our systems as those that are most suitable for their needs for ensuring reliable communications, by use of highly modular, robust and flexible standard switching interfaces. The use of M800IP® MULTIFONO® in such a challenging environment like a space agency furthermore confirms the flexibility and robustness of SITTI products.