SITTI communication systems are already installed at the Decimomannu base of the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare). They allow local controllers to carry out a vast number of tasks, from airspace control to air traffic management and weather forecasting and information distribution.

In order to cope with the increasing operations that controllers are asked to perform, and to allow a larger and more integrated management of the communication lines (both radio and telephone) at the airbase, the local systems require some additional features, including VoIP connections to standard ED137 radios and telephone lines, however not forgetting the capability of interfacing analogue and digital links currently terminating at the airbase.

Some new interface boards, capable of properly dealing all related communication protocols as a matter of simple software configuration, together with controller working positions (CWPs) are going to be installed and commissioned to become operative at the beginning of 2024.

The systems upgrade involved the airbase tower, the operative rooms, the weather forecast office, the approach features and other facilities like IFTS. One of the systems supplied to the Italian Air Force is in fact used in the local International Flight Training School (IFTS), aimed at giving advanced in-depth training courses to pilots of combat aircrafts from different countries. Trainings are based on simulation scenarios that allow trainee pilots to have a very realistic understanding and feeling of the operational situations they may have the need to tackle.