SITTI is known all over the world as a primary market leader for the development and supply of highly reliable, efficient, flexible and integrated solutions for civil and military air traffic control and public services, wherever secure, trusted and controlled communications are required. This unrivalled position in the market is also accompanied by the capability of our company to also produce customised consoles for operators.

Leveraging on its large experience accumulated in decades of successful presence on the market, SITTI is offering its customers a number of solutions for helping them choosing the best solution for their operative consoles. Controllers sitting all day at their desks with a heavy and critical workload must be given the best working solution possible.

It is not just a matter of comfortable sitting places,” – Massimo Romata, Program Manager, says – “but all aspects related to work environment shall be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Ergonomy and comfort
  • Seating adjustment
  • Non-toxic fire-extinguishing materials and paints
  • Easy access to communication instrumentation
  • Free line-of-sight view over controlled areas
  • Handy placement of displays
  • Space optimization

The simulation system provided to the Italian Air Force at Pratica di Mare (near Rome) envisages 6 different operative scenarios, in which trainers, trainees and pilots can easily interact by means of the embedded native radio, telephone and intercom simulation capabilities of the MULTIFONO® M800IP® VCS system. Up to 14 frequencies are simulated, thus allowing the execution of complex training sessions with the contemporary selection and use of a variety of radio channels to best represent live operational scenarios and give trainees a feel-and-touch approach to the tasks they are being trained for.

All these aspects are covered by the GH series of consoles that are going to be supplied to the Italian Air Force (AM) for the Pratica di Mare airbase, close to Rome. 20 new consoles with all their respective additional materials (arms, loudspeakers, armchairs, etc.) will be installed within the end of this year. Military controllers at the airbase will therefore benefit from all aspects mentioned by Mr. Romata in his speech.