Job description
This role will have the task of promptly developing customized proposals that comply with the needs and requirements of the Customer. The Proposal Manager will work in an international and dynamic environment, where the ability to operate quickly is considered a fundamental requirement. A first period of technical training will serve to acquire knowledge of the technical and functional characteristics of the product and to pursue a profitable path of professional growth, which will aim at the full responsibility of the figure within the Department. The candidate will report directly to the Department Manager, to whom he will report the selected technical solutions, the development status of the proposal and any critical issues. He will also interact, on a constant and regular basis, with the Commercial Office, to which he will provide the information necessary to ensure a satisfactory degree of competitiveness of the offer.

Main responsibilities

• Achieve a complete understanding of all the technical, functional and operational aspects included in the RFQ / RFI / RFP;
• Examine the tender documents, extract and process the relevant information to outline the format of the proposal and the focal elements of the technical specifications;
• Estimate the production costs and risks associated with the proposal;
• Define the key parameters of the system requested and make them available to the Sales Department, which has the task of preparing the economic offer;
• Manage and coordinate the inputs of the various stakeholders, typically with contributions from Sales Manager, Product Design Manager, R&D, Program Manager, Procurement Manager, Contract Manager;
• Identify any need for new Hardware / Software development and estimate the appropriate costs / times;
• Provide technical support to potential customers during the negotiation phase;
• Carefully identify any need for subcontracting and develop the related RfQ / RfP;
• Draw up the technical documentation, highlighting the key characteristics of the product offered;
• Respect the deadlines for tenders.


• 1-5 years Experience


• Telecommunications Engineering;
• Electronic Engineering;
• Computer Engineering.

Language skills

• English and Spanish: very good knowledge, certification level ≥ B2;
• Plus: French / Portuguese

Other characteristics

• Good decision-making skills
• Strong time / priority management skills
• Excellent personal interrelation skills
• Analytical and problem solving skills
• Planning and organization skills
• Availability for short business trips abroad
• IT skills

Position open for RECRUITMENT.
Send you CV to Human Resources from the CONTACTS page of our website (ref. PROPOS).