Since many years, the Italian fire brigades have been covering their communication and dispatching needs by means of Voice Communication Systems provided by SITTI. The native capability of these systems to cope and correctly manage voice and data flows according to the latest international standards make SYNCRONIS® MULTIFONO® Voice Communication Systems (VCS) the best choice when it comes to the management of reliable, secure and controlled communications.

The Italian firefighting public emergency service is based on geographically distributed command centres (Comandi Provinciali), each covering a significantly wide area. These centres are equipped with an enhanced VCS (called UCG) from which trained personnel take all necessary decisions for the proper intervention in all cases where firefighters are involved and/or forward the call to other public services, like police and healthcare.

The maintenance of the 78 sites where SITTI UCG systems are installed has been awarded to a third company that is dealing with all logistics and intervention issues. In case of need, engineers from this company have the possibility of accessing a qualified helpdesk provided by SITTI, capable of providing all technical information for the proper handling of any issue that can in any way diminish the reliability of the overall system and the proper and quick solving of any upcoming problem.