LNVL, the Dutch Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), ordered SITTI the design, delivery, installation, and bringing into service of three Last Resort Radio Telephony Systems (LRRTS) to be located at Schiphol-East, Schiphol-Centre and Rotterdam The Hague. This project has been extended to supply an additional LRRTS system for the new POLARIS ACC/APP room, including a simulator for training purposes.

The scope of supply consists of the delivery and installation of Aeronautical Air/Ground Radio Equipment, including all necessary and ancillary hardware and software, not forgetting Monitoring and Control functions for all locations. Control workstations are connected to the national supervision system.

The initial project required SITTI to develop a new type of Controller Working Position, in accordance with the specifications of the system, by taking into consideration the special characteristics set by the customer. The new Polaris LRRTS system will be equipped with 60 of such positions, each capable of being configured for selectively accessing up to 20 radios connected to the system, today via analogue links. Additional 20 positions are envisaged for the simulation system.

The Voice Communication Systems (VCSs) used for this project belong to SITTI MULTIFONO® M800IP® and prove their flexibility in being capable of managing a large number of specially designed Controller Working Positions (CWPs) and analogue radio links. These same systems are natively ready to be seamlessly expanded to include standard ED-137 VOIP radios and recorders.

The extremely high flexibility, resilience, fault-tolerability of SITTI systems, with no single point of failure (SPOF) and 99.9999% availability, make M800IP® the best choice for coping with mission-critical and last-resort needs all over the world.