The technical, system, functional maintenance contract between the Italian military air force (Aeronautica Militare) and SITTI has been renewed. The renewal will be covering the next three years, thus guaranteeing the customer a complete assistance service covering a long observation time, with operative continuity with the current ongoing similar service.

The maintenance activities included in the contract will be covering all 58 air bases and defence centres scattered over the Italian peninsula for the management of the military air traffic, with more than 120 systems installed.

SITTI VCS systems have been running for many years, thus proving their outstanding reliability that made unit replacement and fault repair activities quite infrequent. The maintenance and assistance contract that has been signed between AM and SITTI is intended to provide the customer with technical, functional and system assistance to cope with any possible degradation or disruption.

The maintenance contract envisages the continuous possibility of accessing phone assistance during working hours 5 days a week, with constant 24/7 availability on call in case of any urgency. Should anything serious occur that cannot be solved over the phone, a qualified engineer is guaranteed to be on site within 48 hours.

Programmed maintenance activities are scheduled to be executed daily, weekly or monthly, according to the system parts to be supervised. This allows to preventively recognize possible degradations and also issue early warnings for the replacement of any unit or the identification of throughput bottlenecks.

The Italian air force is a demanding customer. Their task is to provide Italy with an efficient and reliable air defence system” – Mr. Di Guida, SITTI Technical Assistance Manager, stated – “that needs an effective, quick and always accessible support from the industry. The renewal of this contract once more testifies the capability of SITTI to provide such an important support service.