Continuing its expansion and progress in their modernization project, DGAC has installed a new VCS (Voice Communication System) at Concepcion. DGAC (Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil) is the Chilean ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider) which SITTI has established an excellent relationship with, that allowed several other airport facilities to be equipped or upgraded with SITTI systems. These latter proved their reliability and capability of coping with local needs and requirements, as testified by the numerous installations in the country.

The international airport Carriel Sur of Concepcion is one of the largest airports in Chile, serving domestic and international flights, and also acting as an alternate airport for the main airport in the capital, Santiago del Chile. The number of connections to be managed at this airport is very significant and deserve a proper management to allow air traffic operators to have full access to all communication resources at any time.

The MULTIFONO® M800IP® solution offered by SITTI bases itself on our well proven architecture that makes it possible to avoid any single point of failure, thus guaranteeing an extremely high reliability and availability ratio.” – Pietro Lucioli, SITTI Program Manager, explains – “All active elements are connected to the duplicated high speed backbone LAN, in charge of distributing all messages and information to the system components.

Both E&M analogue and ED137 VoIP radios are connected to the VCS in main/standby mode, also providing Best Signal Selection (BSS) functions for the choice of the best received radio signal. At the same time, controllers can access more than 100 telephone lines (both analogue and SIP/IP). 8 brand new controller working positions (CWP) are envisaged; they are physically remote from the central unit, connected via duplicated optic fibre. GPS digital clocks and display units complete the system.

The new VCS has gone operative in March 2021, after deep testing and proper training of the controllers.


SITTI will be providing a brand new VCS (Voice Communication System Solution) for Azerbaijan airports. This is not the first time SITTI is supplying its systems and solutions to this country. In 2019, in fact, SITTI VCCS was chosen  for  the Airspace Supervision & Efficiency Center (ASEC) in Baku, which is part of Azeraeronavigatsiya (AZANS), the Azerbaijan Air Navigation Service Provider, to optimize the airspace utilization in the region.

The new  system belongs to the topmost category of VCS systems developed by SITTI. It is a MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication System, fully compatible with the most recent communication standards issued by international standardization bodies like EUROCAE and EUROCONTROL. Among these, standard ED-137 is probably the most important and well-known because it defines the way data and audio shall be dealt with in a full IP-based VoIP scenario.

The SITTI VCS will be able to simultaneously manage analogue and digital telephone lines of various types (LB, CB, PABX, etc.) and analogue VHF/UHF radio channels, but also seamlessly expandable to include full radio and telephone lines according to the provisions of the ED 137 standard.

The supply is complemented by fully configurable, ergonomic and easy-to-use controllers panels to make the work of air traffic controllers as easy, yet error-free, as possible. Such panels are based on a very reliable touchscreen keyboard, where keys, sizes, colours, access functions can be autonomously defined by the customer.

The systems being delivered to Azerbaijan, justify  the large capability of SITTI to cope with different customer needs, ranging from small airfields to very large ACC centres. The huge experience and expertise accumulated in providing future-proof and mission-critical solutions worldwide make SITTI the optimum solution provider wherever secure, configurable, flexible and reliable communications are needed.