Sorocaba is a town not far from Sao Paulo, where SITTI (in collaboration with Global Business Pro) is going to install a new Voice Communication System (VCS). This is a small system belonging to the well known MULTIFONO® M800IP® family. Thanks to intrinsic high modularity of this type of systems, the Sorocaba system will benefit of the same top-edge features and performance of larger installations.

Full IP based backbone, analogue and digital radio and telephone interfaces, high performing controller working positions, digital E1 links are among the standard characteristics of the supplied system:

  • 6 analogue and VoIP radio channels
  • 15 analogue and VoIP telephone interfaces
  • 5 Controller Working Positions (CWP)
  • 1 E1 digital link
  • 1 Supervision and Configuration workstation

The M800IP® architecture is such that at any time it is possible to add new positions and/or interfaces in a completely seamless way.

SITTI is a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, capable of giving prompt and top edge solutions to Customer needs, both in the Civilian and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the MULTIFONO® M800IP® provides flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities.