The presence of SITTI in Brazil dates long back ago. All along the past decades, SITTI has been supporting the air traffic control centres in Brazil by providing top-edge systems, capable of managing the increasing air traffic demand and the challenging conditions of such a large geographical area.

This successful story continues today with the upgrade of the local systems used by DTCEA, ICEA and CINDACTA centres. They have been gradually upgraded to fully comply with the latest international standard, including the famous EUROCAE ED-137 standard, which SITTI has been giving active contribution to.

The latest and most advanced implementation of the provisions defined by ED137 for the use of VoIP (Voice over IP) in the Air Traffic Control field (ATC) are present in the MULTIFONO® Voice Communication System solution. Both main and standby existing systems have been gradually migrated to this new concept based system, thus giving operators access to a very large set of features and capabilities, typical of VoIP.

Existing analogue and digital connections and radio links are seamlessly connected to SITTI VCS, so that controllers can simultaneously use any kind of connection to assure a constant coverage of the Brazilian airspace and to provide safe and efficient air traffic control services to all inland and international flights.

The Brazilian air traffic management authorities are committed to give Brazil the best solutions for a safe air traffic management.” – Mr. Ornaghi, SITTI Area Manager stated – “And here is where SITTI can help with its decades-long expertise, through its leading and most effective systems, capable of being deployed in a nationwide system.