At the beginning of 2018, the Italian Ministry of the Interior commissioned SITTI the upgrade of the Fire Brigades operational rooms covering the entire peninsula. The contract was assigned to SITTI in the frame of the modernization of the Fire Brigades communication facilities, under the supervision of the General Direction in Rome, Dipartimento dei Vigili del Fuoco, as part of the European Unique Emergency Number 112 (NUE).

The upgrade activity involved 46 provincial commands of the Fire Brigades, for a total of 152 Controller Working Positions. In total 78 commands are being using the provided upgrades, for a total of 290 positions. This required a large need for coordination of the interventions, in order not to disrupt nor hinder the operational tasks assigned to the operational rooms, so that the level of assistance to the population is unaffected. The seamless transition to the new features assured continued presence of qualified personnel for dealing with emergency situations.

The positive result of this wide upgrade program once more confirmed the flexibility of SITTI products, that can be used for air traffic control as well as in the public assistance and civil defense fields.