SITTI to continue maintenance for EUROCONTROL MUAC


The voice communication systems maintenance contract between SITTI and EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) has been renewed for another 4 years. As demonstrated in the past years, SITTI is committed to provide EUROCONTROL with the best service possible, putting at disposal the best competent workforce.

Back in 2006, SITTI has provided MUAC with a Voice Communication System (VCS) that is currently used as a backup system. This system provides telephone and intercom links, and it connects local radios and remote ones, located at Eelde (in the Netherlands) and Bremen (Germany). Because of the large and important area it covers, MUAC implemented a strict maintenance program to ensure that the systems being used are always efficient and effective.

SITTI has therefore been involved in this maintenance program since the very beginning, with the following features:

  • Help desk service, through which the customer can have direct access to SITTI development departments and receive hints and suggestions for the better use of the installed systems.
  • 24/7 support service for addressing possibly blocking malfunctions, so as to get immediate indications on what to do to solve the problem and possibly request on site intervention.
  • Module repair service for the prompt substitution and repair of faulty boards, with blocked prices and predetermined delivery times.
  • Software update service, which includes the update of the software installed on the system components.
  • Spare parts replacement and supply service, to ensure the customer always has the right and compatible elements for their possible substitution, without system degradation.

MUAC is the facility from which EUROCONTROL is providing air traffic control services to all flights entering the upper airspace (from 24500 to 66000 feet) over Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and north-west Germany. This is one of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspace areas.