On November 9, 2022, at 6:20 am, an earthquake hit the Adriatic coast, near the cities of Pesaro and Ancona, Central Italy. The earthquake magnitude was not devastating, however it understandably created apprehension in the population that felt its tremors and was scared of possible serious consequences that, thanks God, did not occur.

On that day, the local fire brigades received about 1000 calls asking for help and requests of site inspections for making sure infrastructures and buildings and houses were safe to use, work or live in. The Pesaro operative room is equipped with SITTI MULTIFONO® M800IP® voice communication system (VCS) with 3 VoIP (voice over IP) operator working positions that were able to cope with all incoming calls and properly dispatch orders to the fire brigades patrols on the territory.

The VCS system has been under stress for many hours, representing the focal point for the communications between the operative command and the firefighters operating in the area. The reliability and continuous availability of the system, its capability of queuing calls and properly connecting operators, allowed it to provide an excellent service, so that all emergency calls have been duly managed and processed, even during the following days when more than 2000 further calls have been received for the same reasons.

The operative and control room in Ancona thanked SITTI for the unparalleled good quality of the system they have been using. His words are the best advertisement for our products. “This further encourages us to enhance and improve our products” – Mr. Federico Di Guida, head of SITTI maintenance department said – “to continue providing our customer with top-edge systems and services.