With the objective of enhancing the services provided, ANS-CZ (Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic) have awarded SITTI the supply of two brand new VOIP server-based VCSs (Voice Communication Systems) to be installed at Prague Airport and Jeneč.

The M800IP-S systems based on COTS servers architecture being supplied to ANS-CZ are fully compliant to the most recent specifications set by the world famous EUROCAE ED-137 standard, which defines the way Voice Over IP (VOIP) shall be used for Air Traffic Control purposes.

The two systems that are going to be supplied to the Czech Republic have the capability of supporting 80 controller working positions (CWPs) that may be freely switched from one system to the other to cope with changing environmental and operational needs, without losing performance. The communication capability of the supplied systems is currently of 540 VoIP ED-137 radio channels and 100 VoIP telephone ED-137 links, although these figures can be expanded at any moment in the future with no detriment to the overall functionality and performance. Legal recording is also part of the supply.

 “We are very pleased of the award of these systems.” – Pietro Lucioli, SITTI dedicated program manager, said – “The introduction of these latest-generation VCSs will allow ANS-CZ fully exploiting the most recent technological achievements provided by M800IP-S for an extremely efficient and cost-effective management of the skies they are responsible for”.