After the successful commissioning of the recent system at the Carriel Sur de Talcahuano airport, SITTI has delivered another three Voice Communication Systems (VCS) to as many Chilean airports, namely Ad. La Independencia (Rancagua), Ad. Viña del Mar (Viña del Mar) and Ad. Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo), not far from the capital, in the metropolitan area of Santiago. The excellent functioning of the previous systems paved the way for the positive acceptance of the new ones by DGAC, Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil, the ANSP of Chile.

The three new VCS systems extend the air traffic control capacity of Santiago’s main airport by interfacing with 12 analogue radios (main/standby) and another 12 VoIP radio interfaces (main/standby), plus 6 FXO and FXS lines and 6 VoIP SIP phone lines. In a more general context, the proposed architecture includes main/standby server systems and a remote client in Santiago to monitor and manage both sites remotely.

The controllers are able to access all communication resources through innovative touch screen panels known for their clearness and reliability.

The flexibility and high configurability features of SITTI MULTIFONO® M800IP® VCS systems proved to be the right answer to the requirements of the air traffic control needs here in Chile, as well as in all countries where secure and reliable radio and telephone communication means have to be provided to controllers in order to guarantee safe flights.

The overall presence of SITTI in South America is increasing thanks to the good reputation that our systems are day-by-day acquiring on the field.” – Giovanni Modugno, SITTI Program Manager, said – “This goes together with an incredible ease of seamlessly adding new boards and controller positions without affecting ongoing activities.