The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is conducting a significant Market Survey to define the acquisition strategy and validate future U.S. aviation communication systems’ requirements. As part of that campaign, the FAA has selected the best Voice Communication Switch suppliers worldwide to provide their COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) systems.

SITTI is proud to be part of those.

SITTI MULTIFONO® M800IP® VCS system will be installed at the FAA William Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City and be used by the FAA to perform market research for future voice switching procurements.

The system being provided by SITTI uses several radio and telephone connections, both analog and digital, to allow the FAA to simulate voice communications in support of execution of various operational scenarios. FAA users will be interfacing the system through 4 radio+telephone controller working positions.

This is a significant achievement for SITTI, in line with its strategy to invest strongly in the American market.  Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for SITTI to make the FAA and the major players in the Air Navigation field appreciate the qualities of its systems and services in terms of reliability and flexibility.

This further confirmation of our leading position in the VCS market provides us with the opportunity to broaden our supply and support to U.S. organizations and Federal Agencies that are working to replace and upgrade their current infrastructures with VoIP technology.