The positive relationships with our final customers allowed SITTI to be awarded through LEONARDO – a global high-technology company, among the top world players in Aerospace, Defense and Security and Italy’s main industrial company – the supply of a new MULTIFONO® M800IP Voice Communication Switching System (VCS) for a military base in Saudi Arabia, utilized for the control of routine military flights. The system to be delivered extends the presence of SITTI in the Middle East, thus confirming its capability of adapting its products to the different needs of customers.

The new VCS system has the capability of interfacing 20 VHF/UHF analogue radio channels and as many analogue telephone links making up the existing communication infrastructure, but complemented with SIP telephone links in compliance with the latest available VoIP standards.

Operators utilizing this system will have the possibility of accessing all lines and channels in the easiest possible manner, so to provide an excellent military Air Traffic Control service. Their touchscreen panels are freely configurable by means of the supervision and management software that is also part of the supply.

Time synchronization is of great importance in this kind of installations; this is why a GPS master clock module is also included, together with slave display units.

Factory Acceptance Tests are foreseen for mid July 2021, while the transition to the real operational state is planned for October 2021. All involved personnel will also undergo an on-site training phase for allowing complete autonomous management of the system.

Military and civil SITTI systems are based on the same extremely valuable and reliable architecture that proved its capability of coping with differentiated environments.