At the end of July 2020, AIR TECH ITALY, the first Association of Italian companies supplying products, technologies, systems and services to airports and air traffic control was established.

The Association aims at promoting the excellence and know-how of Italian industry, by creating synergies and collaborations between companies to compete in an organized and competitive manner on the market, both domestic and abroad.

“The AIR TECH ITALY association is an excellent opportunity to pool the knowledge, experience and skills of Italian companies. It represents a unique opportunity to compete on the market not as individuals, but as the Italian “country system”. Our company, SITTI, supports the creation and development of the association, as it is convinced that it can really be useful to members to increase their visibility in the world and the ability to compete, especially where and when it is necessary to have qualified partners at your side.” – Roberto Weger said, Communications Manager.

“Forms of association and networking like this are a good way to constructively blend knowledge, managerial solutions and technical skills.” – declares Alessio Quaranta, ENAC Director General – “The goal is to give concrete and comprehensive answers to the complex and multiface challenges that the aeronautical and airport sectors must face at international level.”

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