The contract between SITTI and AAI (Airport Authority of India) is a very large one, including a moltitude of systems to be deployed nationwide. This major contract for Supply Installation Testing & Commissioning (SITC) of a large number of Voice Communication Systems (VCS) and Voice Recording Systems (VRS) is divided into 5 consignment lots, corresponding to 5 big areas in the Indian subcontinent. The contract is intended to serve 45 airports across the country, plus Civil Aviation Training College (CATC) and Specialized Maintenance Unit (SMU).

The first lot has been delivered in December 2019 according to the agreed schedule (here is the relevant press release). The second part of the supply left Italy in February 202 after successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) by the inspectors deputed from Airports Authority of India (AAI) for checking compliance to the specifications. The following ten stations are going to be equipped with Voice Communication Systems (VCS) and Voice Recording Systems (VRS):

  1. Amritsar along with Fallback System
  2. Bhuntar
  3. Dehdarun
  4. Gondia
  5. Jaipur along with Fallback System
  6. Jalapur
  7. Khajuraho
  8. Lucknow along with Fallback System
  9. Udaipur
  10. Varanasi along with Fallback System

The numbers of this delivery are significantly high:

  • 10 Main VCS Systems
  • 4 Fallback VCS Systems
  • 101 Controller Working Positions (CWP)
  • 6 Remote Radio Stations
  • 10 VRS (Voice Recording Systems)

The Voice Communication Systems which are being supplied to AAI belong to the top performing MULTIFONO® M800IP® family, fully compliant to the international ED-137 VoIP standard for VoIP applications in the Air Traffic Control field. Installation will be commenced after arrival of systems which will be followed by Site Acceptance Test (SAT).