ENAV, the Italian Air Navigation Service Provider, decided to upgrade the services provided by the weather forecast offices and their related data repository. The target is to provide operators with a more efficient access procedure, thus giving them a better and more precise weather situation awareness.

The coordination of the upgrade activities has been awarded to SITTI, based on the well-grounded reputation as system integrator in different areas related to air traffic control and management. The integration of different information sources and data streams into a comprehensive system capable of presenting information in a coordinated manner to operators and controllers is in fact one of the strength point of SITTI.

This delicate operation has been accomplished according to the strict requirements set by ENAV, which has been asking for a very highly reliable hardware and software infrastructure, also comprising the centralized presentation of weather information collected at all remote Italian airports in real-time mode. The system includes a new teleconference architecture making use of a videowall system.

Among the many features made available by the provided integrated system, the following ones are especially significant to be mentioned:

  • Weather information stored for long periods (at least 6 months).
  • Forecast, satellite, radar, lightning data decoded and properly visualized
  • Creating and sending of appropriate messages (like METAR,TAF,TAD) to spread information to all stakeholders
  • VCS (Voice Communication System) upgrade for coping with the new connections and systems, including new ISDN Basic Rate connections

The challenging requirements driving this project have been fulfilled by SITTI with complete customer satisfaction, thus once more proving the capability of SITTI to present itself as a system integrator for complete and complex solutions in all fields where reliable, secure, configurable data and voice communications are required.