Hosted by the Guglielmo Marconi airport in Bologna, on November 30, AIR TECH ITALY had its annual assembly. Air Tech Italy (A.T.I.) is the association representing Italian companies specialized in supplying products, technologies and services to airports. The assembly allowed all participating companies to express their opinions and appreciation for the work done in the past three years and give their hints for the future.

The association was founded three years ago during the Covid pandemics and suffered from the limitations thereof, but nonetheless it succeeded in proposing the members interesting and useful initiatives that allow them to expand their business, especially on the international market. Among these,

  • common participation in international exhibitions,
  • weekly newsletter with tenders all over the world,
  • proactive collaboration with important Italian institutions like ENAC, ICE, Air Force

The assembly also had the task of electing the new board. Mr Giulio De Carli and Mrs Alessia Forte have been confirmed as President and Vice-President, respectively. SITTI representative, Mr. Roberto Weger, former member of the board, has also been confirmed.

Together with the other members of the governing board, SITTI will continue giving its contribution to the successful development of the association, with the aim of permitting all companies to create strong synergies to jointly propose their products and services, thus making their offer stronger and more appealing, supporting the “Made in Italy” brand that expresses the excellence and top performance of the products proposed by ATI.

Here is the website of ATI: