Italy is a full member of NATO and cooperates in keeping the control over the National skies in the frame of a multilateral defence system. As technology improves, even the military assets shall be upgraded in order to cope with new features and to be able to respond to any threat in the shortest time possible. Communications play here a fundamental role.

The NATO ACCS (Air Command and Control Systems) in Italy has the increasing need of integrating existing communication links with the latest technological achievements, without losing the overall capability of simultaneously accessing different kinds of networks connecting current TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) devices and more modern VoIP (Voice Over IP) equipment.

The existing VCS (Voice Communication System) deployed at the air defence centres have therefore to be upgraded to accommodate and fully integrate ISDN links and IP connections to provide military operators access to all facilities and services offered by the communication radio and telephone devices installed at different sites on the Italian National territory.

Integration of different technologies is a task that is very common in the civil Air Traffic Control field. Military installations have additional priorities and need special further features that are specific to the task of providing an efficient and effective defence to a Nation. Among these, the capability of properly dealing with clear and encrypted (black/red) voice and data streams.

Italy is currently undergoing an upgrade of its military control centres in order to put together all the above-mentioned functions, under the coordination of NATO and its modernization and improvement programs like NATINAMDS.

Through the consolidated architecture of SITTI MULTIFONO® M800IP® VCS family, SITTI is capable of supporting the integration and transition to VoIP in a very smooth, efficient and effective way, thus ensuring military advanced features and full reliability of their systems.