According to the plans agreed with the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare – AM), SITTI completed the installation of the devices ordered aiming at the reinforcement of the coverage and control of the Southern Italian air space. The Trapani air base is already equipped with a standard MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication System (VCS) for which the need of an expansion had been identified by the military authorities to better supervise the area (look here) .

The Squadron Operative Room (SOR) has been equipped with new recording features for both A/G and G/G communications (Air/Ground) (Ground/Ground). The supplied client/server recording system is capable of storing long term information and events logging, thus allowing air traffic controllers to access and reproduce all conversations of interest. The interface to the existing MULTIFONO® VCS is guaranteed thanks to appropriate interface boards, capable of dealing with all communication protocols in use at the base.

The recorded data replay system permits operators to synchronize and have access to both audio and events occurred at the time of recording, so as to allow them to reconstruct the exact sequence of operations that took place. This is an important feature, especially for military purposes, in order to be able to help identifying possible targets and correcting error or providing alternative flight routes.

SITTI is a primary VCS manufacturer and supplier worldwide, capable of giving prompt and top edge solutions to Customer needs, both in the Civilian and Military fields. The leading edge, redundant, non-blocking architecture of the MULTIFONO® M800IP® provides flexibility and modularity for easy expansion and addition of further functionalities, conformant to the ED 137 standard.